Wow, it’s been such a fun time doing this 60 day challenge for I’ve learned so many things, I won’t deny, it’s definitely also been difficult. Although I will say that I have yet to experience any doubts of whether or not we can make Bormal into a useful tool for people. Huge shoutContinue reading “DAY 59 – ALMOST THERE”


This is exciting stuff! I have finally began to notice some increase in traction! We’re getting a little bit more in pledges on Kickstarter too. I’m very grateful to the people that are pledging to help our Kickstarter out 🙂 Remember to check out the site at

How to get 2000+ users on your site 27 days

We created the site, an entertainment app/community building tool. As part of our 60 day campaign to get 2 million users, we got over 2000 on day 27. How did we do it? Instagram We have an instagram account, @amibormal, We now have over 700 followers on our Instagram, and we have been promotingContinue reading “How to get 2000+ users on your site 27 days”

DAY 26 – VC CALL #2!

We had a second call with a VC today + I’m trying to bring our VCs from yesterday onto our board of advisors to help grow from here. Super grateful to be here! Super excited that we’ve come this far. Check out our site and Kickstarter!


Y’all already know I basically threw myself in the deep end and was like “Swim!” Well we had a VC call yesterday so that’s amazing. I am going to ask them to come on board as part of our Board of Advisors. Now that I’m getting some mentorship and direction, it’s a good time, we’llContinue reading “DAY 25 – VC CALL!”


We finally hit 1300 users! However, growth is slow af, and we got capped on Instagram and can’t DM people who like our posts anymore. To be honest, I’m pretty unsure how to proceed with being capped on the number of DMs we can send on Instagram. How am I supposed to reach out toContinue reading “DAY 12 – DM CAPPED”