78% would fight the Kool-Aid man

Would you rather be forgotten by your best friends or fight the kool-aid man every day? I think this is pretty easy and I would happily fight the kool-aid man. I would really not want to be forgotten by my best friends. Being Forgotten This is the saddest thing! I would be so sad toContinue reading “78% would fight the Kool-Aid man”

Over 80% of people can’t wrap burritos!

Have you ever wondered how some people can wrap burritos so well but when you do it, it just becomes a mess and falls apart? I’ll tell ya what, my life is a mess and falling apart, so like I always wonder how people do this burritos. When I wrap burritos, it usually reflects myContinue reading “Over 80% of people can’t wrap burritos!”

How quickly do you usually text back?

How quickly do you usually text back? I usually text back pretty quickly, like basically immediately. Immediately Nice, the best kind of person to text. Reliable, great, probably comfortable with yourself. I like people like this. In like an hour Hey, not too bad. Is it because you’re away from your away from your phone?Continue reading “How quickly do you usually text back?”

38% of people like to cancel plans last minute

Do you say yes to plans because you find it hard to say no but cancel last minute? I don’t do this, I find people who do this to be annoying actually. Don’t be a flake! No Good! Don’t do this! Continue being a decisive person. It’s great that you say no to things youContinue reading “38% of people like to cancel plans last minute”

2/3 People Think Orange is more of a Fruit than a Color

When you think of orange, do you think of the fruit or the color? Okay, so I’m sure we all know that orange is both a fruit and a color, but I’m curious what people think of first when they see the word orange. For me, I think of the fruit, specifically the ones fromContinue reading “2/3 People Think Orange is more of a Fruit than a Color”

44% of people would listen to Despacito 9 times in a row without starting a fight

The core of this question is, how much ear abuse can you take? While Despacito is a great song to hear once, I’m pretty sure that if the DJ played it 9 times, I’d fight him too. I’d want to start a mosh pit so we can get everyone to fight and then push theContinue reading “44% of people would listen to Despacito 9 times in a row without starting a fight”

Only 1 in 3 people have confidence in themselves

Do you have confidence in yourself? So many people don’t, and we can see that from our site MOST people don’t have confidence in themselves. No Guess this makes you part of the regular crowd, the normal crowd, the “Bormal” crowd if you will lol. I think everyone should develop some confidence in themselves though.Continue reading “Only 1 in 3 people have confidence in themselves”

75% of people use sarcasm EVERY DAY!

How often do you use sarcasm? I use sarcasm on the daily. I’m glad that no one answered “rarely” to this one lol. Daily I really expected this answer to have almost 100% of the picks. I mean, who’s not sarcastic on the daily? I am anyway. I feel like there’s just so many situationsContinue reading “75% of people use sarcasm EVERY DAY!”

4 out of 5 people want to feel a lion’s mane

Do you want to pet a lion and know what it’s fluffy mane feels like? I do! Every time I see a lion I’m like wow look at that mane, it’s so fluffy. No No? No? You don’t want to pet a lion’s fluffy mane? Who are you? What’s wrong with you? You don’t likeContinue reading “4 out of 5 people want to feel a lion’s mane”

37% of people identify foods by smell quicker than taste!

Can you identify foods by smell or taste quicker? Smell, or taste? Did you know that smell is 75% of taste? Smell I think I’m part of this group. I mean think about things like steak. You smell that steak sizzling on the grill/stove from like halfway across the house. It’s mmm. Can you smellContinue reading “37% of people identify foods by smell quicker than taste!”