4 out of 5 people want to feel a lion’s mane

Do you want to pet a lion and know what it’s fluffy mane feels like? I do! Every time I see a lion I’m like wow look at that mane, it’s so fluffy.


No? No? You don’t want to pet a lion’s fluffy mane? Who are you? What’s wrong with you? You don’t like fluffy things? Huh? You like untextured surfaces? You want a world of smooth marble? What the hell. I don’t care if you would rather be loved or feared, but I’m certainly scared of you. What kind of crazy person doesn’t like fluffy things?


Nice. I’m glad that 80% of y’all said yes. I would confidently say that you’re smarter than four monkeys because four monkeys wouldn’t be able to pet a lion. They would probably get eaten. If you’re like me, you said yes to this because you like fluffy things. Or maybe fluffy cats in particular. I love fluffy cats, and I see lions as just an extension of the fluffy cat category. Just like bigger and having all their fluff around their head/neck.

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