38% of people like to cancel plans last minute

Do you say yes to plans because you find it hard to say no but cancel last minute? I don’t do this, I find people who do this to be annoying actually. Don’t be a flake!


Good! Don’t do this! Continue being a decisive person. It’s great that you say no to things you don’t want to do and say yes to things that you do! I’m proud of you, glad that you’re like this. People who are able to actually be honest with you up front are the best, don’t you like people like this?


The worst kind of person smh, you probably saw John Mulaney’s piece on canceling plans and why it was like heroin and thought it was cool to be that way. No, it’s not. Here’s a thought – no one likes people who cancel plans all the time. It’s impossible to hang out with people like this, and I’m sure you get annoyed if your friends tell you they’ll do something with/for you and then later decide they don’t want to and cancel on you last minute. Stop doing this, please, I’m begging you.

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