Over 80% of people can’t wrap burritos!

Have you ever wondered how some people can wrap burritos so well but when you do it, it just becomes a mess and falls apart? I’ll tell ya what, my life is a mess and falling apart, so like I always wonder how people do this burritos. When I wrap burritos, it usually reflects my life, and then I take bites and stuff falls out of the back and stuff.


The 18.2% of you that don’t wonder this. Is it because you’ve never wrapped a burrito? Or are you just so naturally talented that you can wrap burritos without them falling apart? I am serious though, like how have you never wondered this? Let me know in the comments below!


I’m glad that y’all are with me on this. It’s so hard to do. When I go to Chipotle (this is not ad, just want you to know what Chipotle is because it’s great) and they wrap my burritos I’m like nice, how did you do that you magical burrito wrapping person. I’m pretty sure those burritos are like 1lb burritos, so I think I could eat those the fastest.

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