37% of people identify foods by smell quicker than taste!

Can you identify foods by smell or taste quicker? Smell, or taste? Did you know that smell is 75% of taste?


I think I’m part of this group. I mean think about things like steak. You smell that steak sizzling on the grill/stove from like halfway across the house. It’s mmm. Can you smell the difference between different kinds of food? Like lamb and beef have totally different smells that you can definitely tell before you taste it. However, there’s also some foods like bread which I can’t tell apart much by taste.


Well, some people need to actually taste things before they can identify them. I totally get this for some foods, like I said above with bread, with cheese, with soups, with pastas. I feel like I’m mostly listing carbs and dairy. Can y’all tell the difference between the tastes of breakfast carbs? Maybe I should also have put sight on here, or texture? Do you consider texture to be part of taste? Does your taste deteriorate over time if you’re eating a lot of the same thing at one time? like pancakes?

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