75% of people use sarcasm EVERY DAY!

How often do you use sarcasm? I use sarcasm on the daily. I’m glad that no one answered “rarely” to this one lol.


I really expected this answer to have almost 100% of the picks. I mean, who’s not sarcastic on the daily? I am anyway. I feel like there’s just so many situations in which I can be sarcastic and maybe I’m just too easily baited into being sarcastic. I’m glad to see so many of y’all also agree with me. Did you know that sarcastic people are more intelligent?


I’m surprised that you’re only sarcastic on a weekly basis and not a daily basis. I mean how could I not be sarcastic for an entire day? Some things just require a level of sarcasm.


Honestly I’m just impressed that you’ve kept track of your sarcasm use so much that you know you use it monthly. You know what I do on a monthly basis? Wash my sheets, write updates, and clean my apartment. And I have to schedule those, I can’t even do those without having to schedule them in. You schedule in your sarcasm? Or what?

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