37% of people identify foods by smell quicker than taste!

Can you identify foods by smell or taste quicker? Smell, or taste? Did you know that smell is 75% of taste? Smell I think I’m part of this group. I mean think about things like steak. You smell that steak sizzling on the grill/stove from like halfway across the house. It’s mmm. Can you smellContinue reading “37% of people identify foods by smell quicker than taste!”

October 3rd, 2020 – Question 645

What is your favorite way to cook eggs? Perhaps the way you cook your eggs is quite revealing of what kind of person you are. Tell us what your favorite way of cooking eggs is on our site. Boiled This is the easiest way to cook eggs. You just put some eggs in a potContinue reading “October 3rd, 2020 – Question 645”