Only 1 in 3 people have confidence in themselves

Do you have confidence in yourself? So many people don’t, and we can see that from our site MOST people don’t have confidence in themselves. No Guess this makes you part of the regular crowd, the normal crowd, the “Bormal” crowd if you will lol. I think everyone should develop some confidence in themselves though.Continue reading “Only 1 in 3 people have confidence in themselves”

September 8th, 2020 – Question 178

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled daily roasting of our users. Today I’ll talk to you guys about what each of these choices on where you’d fly in a goose formation says to me. Front/Tip You’re the leading type, the type that is down the take risks, go into the unknown, and lead a groupContinue reading “September 8th, 2020 – Question 178”