Did you know that 24% of people haven’t had their heart broken?

Have you had a broken heart? So, 24% of you say no, the lucky few. No How the hell? What are you? Heartless? Or maybe 12? Yes Welcome to the club! I know this is a dumb thing, but like my Bumble profile used to say “break my heart”. That was how I met myContinue reading “Did you know that 24% of people haven’t had their heart broken?”

51% of people identify as an odd number!

Are you an odd or even number? I was hoping for a 50/50 split, but look, 51:49 for odds to evens isn’t that bad. Even 49% of y’all identify as an even number. I’m not even sure what I was trying to get at with this question or if I was just filling up questionsContinue reading “51% of people identify as an odd number!”

63% would GALLOP up their stairs!

Welcome to the trial of the click-bait titles. I actually find this one pretty funny, I’ve definitely considered this as a kid. When I was younger I would look up the stairs as I was walking up them and think to myself, maybe it’ll be easier if I gallop up with the help of myContinue reading “63% would GALLOP up their stairs!”

Are you smarter than four monkeys?

In a battle of wits could you beat four monkeys? I don’t know lol. I don’t even remember writing this question, but I just wanted to show you guys because 51% of people who answered this said no! Can you beat four monkeys in a battle of wits? No I’m just surprised that more thanContinue reading “Are you smarter than four monkeys?”

How many pancakes can you eat in one sitting?

I mean on average, not like at the moment. At the current moment, I’ve just eaten and I’m not sure I could eat even 1 pancake in this sitting. Just for reference, I’m thinking like the regular IHOP buttermilk pancakes. 1 Small stomach eh? Or maybe a big pancake? Are you thinking of those fluffyContinue reading “How many pancakes can you eat in one sitting?”

DAY 53 – 2753

Day 53 finds us at 2753 users. I always like seeing these numbers kind of match up a bit, feels a little more serendipitous. Not a whole lot to update, we’re going through the feature development process still. We’ve just added favoriting questions to our site, they will be up as part of the userContinue reading “DAY 53 – 2753”

October 1st, 2020 – Question 126

 Would you be more likely to trust someone wearing a red shirt or a blue shirt? I’m pretty surprised at the distribution of this one. I think it’s interesting that so many people would be more likely to trust someone in a blue shirt. I don’t have much to say about you depending on yourContinue reading “October 1st, 2020 – Question 126”

September 25th, 2020 – Question 660

Do you prefer sprints or long distance running? Look I’m gonna be honest here, sprints are just way more fun. It’s a short burst of energy, it’s great for exercise, and it goes by quickly. I think long distance running is just too … long. Remember to vote for yourself on our site. Long DistanceContinue reading “September 25th, 2020 – Question 660”

September 19th, 2020 – Question 626

PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA! One of our most controversial questions on here! Do you like pineapple pizza? I’ve had some cool conversations with friends on this one. Here’s an opinion for y’all: what ruins Hawaiian pizza isn’t the pineapple, it’s the ham. Check out our site to tell us your own opinion. No Look, if you’veContinue reading “September 19th, 2020 – Question 626”