63% would GALLOP up their stairs!

Welcome to the trial of the click-bait titles. I actually find this one pretty funny, I’ve definitely considered this as a kid. When I was younger I would look up the stairs as I was walking up them and think to myself, maybe it’ll be easier if I gallop up with the help of my hands. Let us know which side you’re on here.


This is the boring answer. You’re probably not someone who likes to explore. I don’t really know what to tell the 37% of you that said no to this. I guess I thought it was more universal than it is.


Nice, same. I totally expected the yes value to be higher than 63%, I was thinking more like 80% or even 90%. I did this, my friends did this, I’ve ever seen my little brother do this. Maybe it wouldn’t come to mind if you don’t have carpeted stairs at home? I’ve only ever gotten this urge with carpeted stairs.

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