Yesterday we had our last day of the official 60 day challenge with We were very far off from our goal, but we’ve come such a long way from the start! I’m so proud of us and grateful for everyone who’s helped us along the way. Thank you for watching our challenge, I’ll putContinue reading “DAY 60 – WRAPPING UP THE LAST DAY”


Oh so close to that 2800+ on by the end of day 57, but just barely off. I had a lot of discussion around challenges in virtual education as that was basically my homework. We were figuring out what we’re going to do with Bormal and so we’re learning about the challenges in manyContinue reading “DAY 58 – CHALLENGES IN VIRTUAL EDUCATION”

DAY 53 – 2753

Day 53 finds us at 2753 users. I always like seeing these numbers kind of match up a bit, feels a little more serendipitous. Not a whole lot to update, we’re going through the feature development process still. We’ve just added favoriting questions to our site, they will be up as part of the userContinue reading “DAY 53 – 2753”

DAY 51 – 2717 USERS

Day 51 of our challenge saw us starting with 2717 users and almost 1k Instagram followers! We’re excited to see such tremendous growth over these last 50 days, so thank you guys so much for your support! If you haven’t already, sign up on our site to learn more about yourself.

DAY 26 – VC CALL #2!

We had a second call with a VC today + I’m trying to bring our VCs from yesterday onto our board of advisors to help grow from here. Super grateful to be here! Super excited that we’ve come this far. Check out our site and Kickstarter!