60 Day Challenge – takeaways from failure

We started our 60 day challenge with na├»ve visions of El Dorado, getting to 2 million users in 60 days would be an impressive feat for any website, much less one that we quickly put together. We quite obviously failed in our challenge, but only be 1.997 million users, or 99%! This is better thanContinue reading “60 Day Challenge – takeaways from failure”


Wow, it’s been such a fun time doing this 60 day challenge for amibormal.com. I’ve learned so many things, I won’t deny, it’s definitely also been difficult. Although I will say that I have yet to experience any doubts of whether or not we can make Bormal into a useful tool for people. Huge shoutContinue reading “DAY 59 – ALMOST THERE”


Oh so close to that 2800+ on http://www.amibormal.com by the end of day 57, but just barely off. I had a lot of discussion around challenges in virtual education as that was basically my homework. We were figuring out what we’re going to do with Bormal and so we’re learning about the challenges in manyContinue reading “DAY 58 – CHALLENGES IN VIRTUAL EDUCATION”

Asking the right questions

One of the things we’re doing with Bormal right now is trying to narrow down the problem or problems we’re trying to solve. We started out in the space of entertainment, and part of the effects of using Bormal is that it normalizes many experiences for us. We’re thinking of many directions to move Bormal,Continue reading “Asking the right questions”

DAY 53 – 2753

Day 53 finds us at 2753 users. I always like seeing these numbers kind of match up a bit, feels a little more serendipitous. Not a whole lot to update, we’re going through the feature development process still. We’ve just added favoriting questions to our site, they will be up as part of the userContinue reading “DAY 53 – 2753”


Wow, I can hardly believe that it’s been 52 days since we started our challenge to get 2 million users off the bat. Clearly, that goal is looking quite lofty at the moment, but there’s nothing that says it’s impossible. In these last 52 days, we’ve made so many changes and updates. We’ve added moreContinue reading “DAY 52 – COMING ON THE FINAL STRETCH”

DAY 50 – 2698

We’ve hit over 2700 during the day today, but at the end of the day yesterday when we count our users, we were at 2698. I’m super happy to see this growth as we go, we may not have grown at the rate I wanted, but it’s super exciting to see things start to pickContinue reading “DAY 50 – 2698”


We’re going to be expanding our set of features and services soon. We’ve just finished up the favorite feature stuff and the development of a matching algorithm will be coming soon. We’re also going to be aggregating many personality tests and keeping them on another site and plugging Bormal into that soon.