60 Day Challenge – takeaways from failure

We started our 60 day challenge with na├»ve visions of El Dorado, getting to 2 million users in 60 days would be an impressive feat for any website, much less one that we quickly put together. We quite obviously failed in our challenge, but only be 1.997 million users, or 99%! This is better thanContinue reading “60 Day Challenge – takeaways from failure”


Today we hit the 1000 user mark!! We’re still locked out of our Twitter account with NO RESPONSE from Twitter. @Jack Dorsey please help. Check out our site at https://www.amibormal.com! Tomorrow we’ll be increasing our Instagram advertising by reaching out to people mentioned in our comments or replying to us to ask them to checkContinue reading “DAY 4 REPORT – 60 DAY 2 MILLION USER CHALLENGE”

Why are we here?

Questions we’ve gotten a lot with this new venture are – what are we? What is “Bormal”? Why are we here? Where have we been? Where are we going? What is Bormal? Bormal is Normal spelled with a B, it’s brazy yo Why are we here? We’re here to be the principal source of whatContinue reading “Why are we here?”