September 14th, 2020 – Question 861

Which big cat are you? This one’s a fun one, I listed 5 big cats to see what people think of them. I’m not sure if people put much thought into this like, did you think to yourself, “oh, I wonder which of these cats I’m most like?” or did you just pick your favorite?Continue reading “September 14th, 2020 – Question 861”


As Bon Jovi famously said: wooooooooaaaaahhhh we’re halfway there wooooooooaaaaahhhh living on a prayer Bon Jovi So yeah. We’re halfway done with the 60 day challenge, and we’re 1/100th of the way there in terms of users. Hold on though, we might just make it. I’m shifting from doing marketing to focus on feature developmentContinue reading “DAY 30 – HALFWAY THERE!”

How to get 2000+ users on your site 27 days

We created the site, an entertainment app/community building tool. As part of our 60 day campaign to get 2 million users, we got over 2000 on day 27. How did we do it? Instagram We have an instagram account, @amibormal, We now have over 700 followers on our Instagram, and we have been promotingContinue reading “How to get 2000+ users on your site 27 days”

DAY 26 – VC CALL #2!

We had a second call with a VC today + I’m trying to bring our VCs from yesterday onto our board of advisors to help grow from here. Super grateful to be here! Super excited that we’ve come this far. Check out our site and Kickstarter!


Y’all already know I basically threw myself in the deep end and was like “Swim!” Well we had a VC call yesterday so that’s amazing. I am going to ask them to come on board as part of our Board of Advisors. Now that I’m getting some mentorship and direction, it’s a good time, we’llContinue reading “DAY 25 – VC CALL!”

DAY 24 – 1844 USERS

We doing pretty well, growth is steady but not fast. We’re aware of the snowball effect and we’re just trying to get going quicker. Super hype for calls with VCs this week. I definitely need the help haha. Check out our kickstarter and site!

September 6th, 2020 – Question 906

What the heck is this? How does ANYONE, let alone 25% of the people who’ve answered this question have all the lines of any movie? I guess if it’s a silent movie? Maybe I should specify silent movies don’t count. Remember to check out our website and Kickstarter! No Cool, this tells me you’re aContinue reading “September 6th, 2020 – Question 906”


We finally hit 1300 users! However, growth is slow af, and we got capped on Instagram and can’t DM people who like our posts anymore. To be honest, I’m pretty unsure how to proceed with being capped on the number of DMs we can send on Instagram. How am I supposed to reach out toContinue reading “DAY 12 – DM CAPPED”


I wanted to update y’all with what we’re doing to grow and reach people. We’re mainly growing through two things 1) Instagram and 2) word of mouth! Through Instagram we’re posting not just screenshots of interesting questions/answers from our site, we are also incorporating memes to our Instagram. We’ve used the political compass meme, astrologyContinue reading “DAY 5 – WHAT ARE WE DOING TO GROW?”