46% of people don’t know what they want!

Do you know what you want? I can’t believe 46% of y’all said that you don’t know what you want. If you don’t know what you want, how are you gonna get it? No Yoooo, I’m so sorry for y’all. 46% of y’all don’t know what you want. How do you go through life then?Continue reading “46% of people don’t know what they want!”

60 Day Challenge – takeaways from failure

We started our 60 day challenge with na├»ve visions of El Dorado, getting to 2 million users in 60 days would be an impressive feat for any website, much less one that we quickly put together. We quite obviously failed in our challenge, but only be 1.997 million users, or 99%! This is better thanContinue reading “60 Day Challenge – takeaways from failure”


Wow, it’s been such a fun time doing this 60 day challenge for amibormal.com. I’ve learned so many things, I won’t deny, it’s definitely also been difficult. Although I will say that I have yet to experience any doubts of whether or not we can make Bormal into a useful tool for people. Huge shoutContinue reading “DAY 59 – ALMOST THERE”

Asking the right questions

One of the things we’re doing with Bormal right now is trying to narrow down the problem or problems we’re trying to solve. We started out in the space of entertainment, and part of the effects of using Bormal is that it normalizes many experiences for us. We’re thinking of many directions to move Bormal,Continue reading “Asking the right questions”


Wow, we’re hella off from the goal. We gotta get 1.998 million users in the next 13 days, let’s see if we can pull that miracle off somehow, would be hilarious. Help us perform miracles by going to our site.


We’ve added a new feature! You can now ask your own questions on the website! We’ve made it cost 10 tokens to ask a question because we don’t want users to spam with questions that are inappropriate, we’ve also attached usernames to each question. With usernames attached, we feel that people will take their questionContinue reading “DAY 38 – NEW FEATURE!”


No significant updates, just in the number of users. Going to launch the Kickstarter tomorrow. I have another meeting with VCB tomorrow too. I have yet to hear back from Hyperspace Ventures on being on our board of advisors. I emailed a bunch of investors in the Seattle area today. One of them added meContinue reading “DAY 31 – CONTINUING TO GROW”