60 Day Challenge – takeaways from failure

We started our 60 day challenge with naïve visions of El Dorado, getting to 2 million users in 60 days would be an impressive feat for any website, much less one that we quickly put together. We quite obviously failed in our challenge, but only be 1.997 million users, or 99%! This is better than that one time I got a 9400% error margin in my Chemistry class! We were guaranteed to miss the mark by less than 100%.

So, what did we learn? The first thing is that it’s way harder to get users than we expected. The second thing is that many many users will ask you for a feature – in our case, the feature of being able to ask their own questions on the website – and STILL people won’t use the feature when you put it out. The third thing is that startup world is very different from build a cool app and tell people about it.

I think part of the issue with the ask your own question feature is that many people think they want to be able to ask questions, but what they really wanted was for me to add their question to the site. So, maybe we become a crowdsourcing site for people to ask about all their multiple choice questions? Who knows.

Given that we know all these things now, where are we going after this 60 day challenge? I still think that Bormal is a great platform and a great technology. Maybe the world isn’t ready for it to blow up yet, maybe we haven’t found the right pockets of people who would enjoy this. We’ll continue working on Bormal as we delve more into the startup world. I enjoy the daily posts, I think they’re fun to do and I hope that those of you that read this like how we just roast people on the daily for fun.

We’ll have to keep our heads held high as we move forward with the confidence that marketing and psychology will do the rest for us. From this point on, the posts tagged ‘commentary’ and the YouTube videos we release will be focused on the startup world and how we will be moving forward in that. Our first step is to identify what problem we’re really solving here.

From our first startup experience we learned one thing – we should launch. From this 60 day challenge our main takeaway is this – be specific which exact problem you’re solving.

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