How many pancakes can you eat in one sitting?

I mean on average, not like at the moment. At the current moment, I’ve just eaten and I’m not sure I could eat even 1 pancake in this sitting. Just for reference, I’m thinking like the regular IHOP buttermilk pancakes.


Small stomach eh? Or maybe a big pancake? Are you thinking of those fluffy Japanese pancakes that are just huge? Only 13% of you are this small I’m surprised that so many people can only eat 1 pancake in a sitting though.


I think this is a pretty normal number of pancakes to eat in one sitting. We’re sitting at 25% with this one, which is pretty close to the expected value. I think I used to be able to eat more, but as I’ve gotten older (as in after college) it’s become much harder to shove pancakes in my face. I miss being 17 and being able to shove however many pancakes I want in my face. 2? Nah, 20.


I was tempted to say this, but I’m not fully convinced I could actually do this anymore. Being able to consume 3 pancakes in one sitting has 29% for the largest majority on the pancakes in one sitting committee. Pretty good, I think this makes sense given that most of our users are teenagers, this is when y’all are able to really stuff your face. I’m also pretty sure this perfect because IHOP gives you 3 free pancakes for national pancake day or something.


4 pancakes are for when you’re starting to border on dangerous territory. This isn’t just your regular breakfast anymore. The only breakfast carb I’ve ever been able to consume more of 4 than in one sitting is the vegan banana French Toast that my college had in their dining hall, but these were quite a bit smaller than pancakes. Maybe you’re one of those people that participates. 4 pancakes? EASY.

5 or more

Alright, boys and girls, this is borderline ridiculous. How do you eat 5 pancakes in one sitting? That’s a lot of pancakes! Are you an athlete? Are you eating pancakes after practice? Is that what it is? Y’all are wild. Are you eating those tiny pancakes that are all the rage on YouTube? I’m surprised that this isn’t the lowest percentage, it’s actually right in the middle. Just that more people said they can eat 5 or more pancakes in one sitting than people who said they can eat 1 or 4 is pretty wild. I’m impressed.

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