DAY 21 – 1717

We keep getting these interesting repeats on these numbers. 1414, 1515, 1717, this has to be a good sign. I am going to take this as a lucky sign. Our Instagram partners are not doing a great job of promoting their links, so we’re going to have to pivot AGAIN. But don’t worry, we’ll findContinue reading “DAY 21 – 1717”


Ay yo it’s day 18 of our 60 day challenge for our site. We’ve gotten over 1600 users so that’s not bad! We’ve started using Taboola for advertising, we’re going to be going for just one month to test it out and see where that goes. We’ve added a new person to our team soContinue reading “DAY 18 – KICKSTARTER PRELAUNCH CONTINUES”


We finally hit 1300 users! However, growth is slow af, and we got capped on Instagram and can’t DM people who like our posts anymore. To be honest, I’m pretty unsure how to proceed with being capped on the number of DMs we can send on Instagram. How am I supposed to reach out toContinue reading “DAY 12 – DM CAPPED”