How to get 2000+ users on your site 27 days

We created the site, an entertainment app/community building tool. As part of our 60 day campaign to get 2 million users, we got over 2000 on day 27. How did we do it?


We have an instagram account, @amibormal, We now have over 700 followers on our Instagram, and we have been promoting on Instagram via paid advertisement directly to Instagram as well as paying/partnering with some meme influencer accounts. What we’ve learned is that it’s pretty much worthless to partner with meme accounts that don’t have the same target audience that you do. Make sure you look for other people with similar audiences if you plan on going down that route. Additionally, we found that some people are simply better advertisers than others, we have been giving out affiliate links as a way to incentivize influencers to actually advertise.

Another thing to look out for is active follower ratio. Some accounts have a high number of followers, and a poor active ratio. For example, we had 400+ views from a single story from an account with slightly under 80k followers in under an hour, and only 200 or so from another account with more than 300k followers. Also remember that timing is super important, some times of the day your followers (or theirs) are just more active.

Additionally we’ve been posting tons of our content on Instagram. We’re trying to make our product into a meme on Instagram as we attempt to sink into the public conscious. Surprisingly, we have like 14% of our followers just in New York City. Wild.

Word of mouth

This is the true grassroots version of advertisement. I have no idea how Sriracha did it, but they blew up doing this. We don’t think we’ve quite found the “blow tf up” part of this yet, but we’re looking to add features that will make it more likely people will talk about it with their friends. The feature we’re looking to add are asking questions to the community, being connected with those with similar answers, and pinning your favorite questions.

We imagine that people will use Bormal for asking questions to the world when they pop in their head, when they meet new people to get to know them, and to get to know their own friends better.


We are advertising with Taboola at an average of 40 cents per click to advertise our site. Our caption is “Are you normal?” which is close to our name “Am I Bormal” which is a derivative of “Am I Normal?”

Follow us on Kickstarter, and check out our site!

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