No significant updates, just in the number of users. Going to launch the Kickstarter tomorrow. I have another meeting with VCB tomorrow too. I have yet to hear back from Hyperspace Ventures on being on our board of advisors. I emailed a bunch of investors in the Seattle area today. One of them added meContinue reading “DAY 31 – CONTINUING TO GROW”

DAY 26 – VC CALL #2!

We had a second call with a VC today + I’m trying to bring our VCs from yesterday onto our board of advisors to help grow from here. Super grateful to be here! Super excited that we’ve come this far. Check out our site and Kickstarter!


Y’all already know I basically threw myself in the deep end and was like “Swim!” Well we had a VC call yesterday so that’s amazing. I am going to ask them to come on board as part of our Board of Advisors. Now that I’m getting some mentorship and direction, it’s a good time, we’llContinue reading “DAY 25 – VC CALL!”