August 25th, 2020 – Question 315

Alright these answers look kinda suspicious to me, what about you? My hypothesis on why it looks like a reverse staircase: people like a more because it’s the first option. Alright, on to my psychoanalysis of strangers over the internet based on a random question!


You don’t care about vowels, or you just happen to like “A” because you say it a lot. We say the “ABCs”, “a” is commonly used as a variable in math problems, and we use it as an article to designate one unit of certain things, such as “a banana”. And in “a banana” I just used 4 a’s, that sure is a lot of a’s.


You’re probably Canadian, eh? Maybe your name starts with E, or maybe the name of someone you love. You probably also like double E sounds, like in see, key, three, or beekeeper.


There’s no “I” in team, but there’s certainly an “I” in “I”. You’re independent, you know it, and you’re good at it.


Oh? Oh? Oooohhh. You find yourself saying these “ohs” often, maybe daily, or even hourly! Oh, is that right? Oh, is that the door? Oh, did you need me for something? Oh, I didn’t know that there was a drawer full of dry erase markers right next to the whiteboard!


Uhhhh. Ummmmm. Like, I don’t know. Your preferred pause word of choice is uhh, umm, errr, or like. You abbreviate your “you” to “u” when you text people because you think it’s cool. You probably never capitalize or use any punctuation. You can text back super fast, at least 2 seconds faster than your mom because you cut out the use of the letters “yo”.

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