I wanted to update y’all with what we’re doing to grow and reach people. We’re mainly growing through two things 1) Instagram and 2) word of mouth! Through Instagram we’re posting not just screenshots of interesting questions/answers from our site, we are also incorporating memes to our Instagram. We’ve used the political compass meme, astrology memes, MBTI, and now also character alignment to see how the reach works with each of these. Currently, astrology memes seem to be a BIG HIT with our userbase! I’ve posted some examples of what we’re posting on Instagram below!

I’ve also done a little jig to celebrate us hitting the 1000 user mark! My director of growth suggested that I do a little dance and put it on Reels for more reach.

Jung has suggested the existence of a collective unconscious – we are trying to put ourselves out there into the collective unconscious until the public knows who we are.

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