October 16th, 2020 – Question 245

Did you read your books for high school literature class or did you look it up online? If you read the books, you’re depressed now, sorry I don’t make the rules, I just tell it like it is. Looked up summary Yeah, I was also a lazy kid. It’s not that I didn’t like reading,Continue reading “October 16th, 2020 – Question 245”

October 14th, 2020 – Question 788

All the world’s a stage and I am the ___? I actually love this question for revealing something about who you are. All the archetypes I’ve listed are totally different types of characters. I cannot believe most of y’all feel like an ignored side character, I’m sorry. Biggest Clown Honestly, I just picked this oneContinue reading “October 14th, 2020 – Question 788”

October 12th, 2020 – Question 1105

Would you consider something a salad if it had no leafy greens in it? Okay so at the end of the day what I’m really asking with this question is what in the world is a salad? Honestly, if I just threw a bunch of raw veggies/fruits together and covered it in some sort ofContinue reading “October 12th, 2020 – Question 1105”

October 10th, 2020 – Question 992

How many times a month do you go grocery shopping? I go like once every 4-5 days and that ends me around 6 times a month. Tell us how you fit in on our site. 4-7 So there’s two kinds of people that fall into this category, people who go grocery shopping on a weeklyContinue reading “October 10th, 2020 – Question 992”

October 9th, 2020 – Question 571

How much water do you drink every day? Honestly, y’all DISSAPOINT me. Stay hydrated kids 6-8 Okay, this is fine, you’re fine, you’re not super hydrated but at least you’re drinking water. It’s cool to see this at 25%, exactly 1/4th as the random expected value would be. Try to drink your 8 cups ofContinue reading “October 9th, 2020 – Question 571”

October 7th, 2020 – Question 1201

Which animal would you shapeshift into to maximize your laughs if you had to stay the same size? Honestly, I am really surprised that “giraffe” won this one. Maybe it’s because of the long neck. I was friends with this one girl in high school who was really tall and had a long neck andContinue reading “October 7th, 2020 – Question 1201”

October 6th, 2020 – Question 1241

Do you believe in not asking questions you don’t want to know the answer to? I am surprised at the number of people that said yes to this considering how many times I’ve heard people ask “what are we” when they clearly don’t want to know what we are. No 17% of you are tooContinue reading “October 6th, 2020 – Question 1241”

October 5th, 2020 – Question 1251

Do you prefer a denim or leather jacket? Honestly, your answer to this speaks volumes to your vibe. Denim and leather jacket people are like opposite sides of the edginess spectrum. Denim This is the cool kid vibe. You’re like the cool kid at school that “hangs out” at the park. The type of personContinue reading “October 5th, 2020 – Question 1251”

October 4th, 2020 – Question 201

How many times a day do you go to the fridge and open it only to realize that you are not hungry, but rather bored? I personally do this quite often lol. Sometimes, there’s just not a lot to do and I’ll be walking around and there’s the fridge, right there, baiting me to openContinue reading “October 4th, 2020 – Question 201”

October 3rd, 2020 – Question 645

What is your favorite way to cook eggs? Perhaps the way you cook your eggs is quite revealing of what kind of person you are. Tell us what your favorite way of cooking eggs is on our site. Boiled This is the easiest way to cook eggs. You just put some eggs in a potContinue reading “October 3rd, 2020 – Question 645”