Y’all already know I basically threw myself in the deep end and was like “Swim!” Well we had a VC call yesterday so that’s amazing. I am going to ask them to come on board as part of our Board of Advisors. Now that I’m getting some mentorship and direction, it’s a good time, we’llContinue reading “DAY 25 – VC CALL!”

DAY 24 – 1844 USERS

We doing pretty well, growth is steady but not fast. We’re aware of the snowball effect and we’re just trying to get going quicker. Super hype for calls with VCs this week. I definitely need the help haha. Check out our kickstarter and site!

DAY 21 – 1717

We keep getting these interesting repeats on these numbers. 1414, 1515, 1717, this has to be a good sign. I am going to take this as a lucky sign. Our Instagram partners are not doing a great job of promoting their links, so we’re going to have to pivot AGAIN. But don’t worry, we’ll findContinue reading “DAY 21 – 1717”