61% of people like to watch movies more than once

Do you prefer to watch movies more than once or to watch new ones? I obviously do both, but recently I’ve found myself watching movies I’ve seen before more than once, for me it’s because the emotional work tied with watching a new movie is just too much. More than once I’m in this campContinue reading “61% of people like to watch movies more than once”

Did you know 40% of kids hang out in grocery stores?

I used to hang out at the grocery store. When I was in high school we’d just roll up to the local grocery store and browse snacks for like 30 minutes. We’d switch up the grocery store every now and then just for some variety. Did you hang out in grocery stores? No I wouldContinue reading “Did you know 40% of kids hang out in grocery stores?”

Pancakes are the most popular breakfast carb

Yooo what is this? How did this happen? For the next round we’re only leaving those three answers up there. Anyway, I gotta level with y’all French Toast is the way to go, and the 79% of you that disagree just have bad taste, sorry I don’t make the rules. Tell us what your favoriteContinue reading “Pancakes are the most popular breakfast carb”

Do you floss, or nah?

We all do it. Whether you do it still, or not, you’ve definitely done it before. I mean, you’re in the dentist’s chair, the lights are super bright, it smells like disinfectant, you can hear someone getting a root canal in the other room, and there’s a song playing on the radio from someone whoContinue reading “Do you floss, or nah?”

46% of you could be baited by a bear’s lifestyle

Look, all I’m saying here is that bears have it pretty good. Let me walk you through the yearly routine of a bear. When they wake up in spring they sit around and eat some berries, some small animals, and scratch their backs on trees. Then in the summer they do basically the same, thenContinue reading “46% of you could be baited by a bear’s lifestyle”

How many people jog regularly?

Wow only 18% of y’all jog regularly. I don’t jog regularly, I skip, or sometimes I’ hop! How do you jog? Okay, I’m actually asking about if you jog on a regular basis, but I enjoy taking artistic license with my interpretations of my own questions. No Welcome to the club, almost none of usContinue reading “How many people jog regularly?”

Would you break the law to save your friend from danger?

Would you? That would have to be a pretty tight friendship. 93% of y’all are GOOD friends. 7% of y’all kind of suck. (jk) No Are you someone who just straight-up follows the rules all the time? Probably. I bet you don’t even jaywalk. Or maybe you don’t have any friendships deep enough to riskContinue reading “Would you break the law to save your friend from danger?”

63% would GALLOP up their stairs!

Welcome to the trial of the click-bait titles. I actually find this one pretty funny, I’ve definitely considered this as a kid. When I was younger I would look up the stairs as I was walking up them and think to myself, maybe it’ll be easier if I gallop up with the help of myContinue reading “63% would GALLOP up their stairs!”

How would you use the power of time travel?

A random ghost pops out of nowhere and waves its hands at you, sparkles fly from its ghostly fingertips, and swirl around you in a whirlwind. You’re suddenly aware of time in the same way you’re aware of space and can move through it. What are you going to do with this newfound superpower ofContinue reading “How would you use the power of time travel?”

Who’s your favorite Batman villain?

Poor Bane, no one likes him. Of course, the Joker is the most popular Batman villain, he’s the OG. He’s also the best. Who’s your favorite villain? Bane Dang, only 2% of y’all voted for Bane. Poor guy, just tryna be a good bad guy. I do have to confess that I had never heardContinue reading “Who’s your favorite Batman villain?”