October 16, 2020 – Question 629

I think we can all get in our heads a little too much. And I think we can all relate to the feeling of dwelling on the past. Are we all riddled with anxiety in the same ways? There are definitely times when I randomly think about a situation from the past and cringe or immediately start sweating. It’s a little surprising to see how many of us think about what someone said five years ago, 86% is huge. But then again we are an anxious generation


If you answered no to this, I’m proud of you. You move on quickly and you don’t look back. You probably think back to times people gave you advice or warned you about an action, but you don’t sit around and think about awkward situations. Kudos. 


I’ve already mentioned anxiety, does that sound about right? Or maybe things that people say to you just really stick if they’re important enough. I’m not saying you’re looking for constant ways to please others or that you analyze every personal interaction, but maybe you’re just always looking for ways to improve and be loved.

October 15th, 2020 – Question 194

Would you rather be loved or be feared? This classic scene from the office inspired this question. Tell us how you feel about this on our site.


I’m glad only 9% of you chose this, but dang, I’m sorry. The people who chose this probably also chose villain for the role you play on the world stage. Maybe you’re one of the people that wants people to love how much they fear you. Be careful though, you might get what you wish for.


I’m sorry your parents didn’t give you enough attention. My parents didn’t either though so, don’t worry about it too much. This is much better than being feared though, or as Michael Scott said, I want people to fear how much they love me.

October 14th, 2020 – Question 788

All the world’s a stage and I am the ___? I actually love this question for revealing something about who you are. All the archetypes I’ve listed are totally different types of characters. I cannot believe most of y’all feel like an ignored side character, I’m sorry.

Biggest Clown

Honestly, I just picked this one because I think I’m funny. I would assume that if you picked this one you think you’re funny too. Since you picked this one above the others, it must also mean that humor is an important part of your life and you prefer things to be funny than for things to be serious. Personally, I can’t take anything seriously because I find life to be a rather unserious affair.


I feel like this ideal is much more common among men than women. I’m not too surprised only 9% of the people who answered chose it. According to Instagram almost 80% of our users are female. The primary psychological driver here is the desire to be recognized as a savior figure. In stories, the hero is usually the main focus, starting from a difficult situation, overcoming almost impossible odds, and ending with applause.

Ignored Side Character

Wow, 36% of y’all feel like an ignored side character. That’s so weird to me. What are you doing all the time that you feel like you’re an ignored side character in your own life?? Maybe you’re one of those people that are an enneagram type 2, the helper type, where you just really like helping people. Maybe I should have put an option for unignored side character, but I bet the ignored part spoke to you. Anyway, I’m just very surprised that this archetype was the highest picked choice.

Main Player

I feel like this is the default option. It’s your life, of course you’re the main player. 28% of y’all agree with this, so I suppose it’s not the default option that I thought it was. If you chose this archetype you see your life revolve around you and your choices. You feel in control of what’s happening to you and around you. You dislike having unpredictable situations. Your groups of friends are likely to be primarily based around you.


I don’t really know why you would pick this one. I’m surprised more people feel like the villain than the hero. The villain archetype is an interesting one to consider. It’s similar to the hero archetype, the villain and the hero are antithesis of each other but both are the focus in classic stories. In the villain’s case you don’t have the obstacles that the hero has to overcome, but different ones. Other people aren’t understanding of your objectives, you don’t get the help and support that the hero gets, but on the other hand, you get to flaunt the rules and do whatever you want. Interesting choice.


Yesterday we had our last day of the official 60 day challenge with http://www.amibormal.com. We were very far off from our goal, but we’ve come such a long way from the start! I’m so proud of us and grateful for everyone who’s helped us along the way. Thank you for watching our challenge, I’ll put out a summary video later on.

October 13, 2020 – Question 1069

Wow. This is interesting. It seems like so many people these days are constantly engaging in current events. However, the questions asks, “do you watch the news?”. Given most Gen Z, and even yougner millennials don’t have cable or reguarly watch live TV, this does kind of make sense. It’s all about how you ask the question. I’m sure the 55% of people who answered “no” get news, but they just don’t sit down and watch it every morning. 


If you answered “no” to this, I don’t blame you. The news has been a little depressing these last six months. It’s also hard to watch the news these days if you don’t have access to local or national TV outlets. You probably consume news, you just don’t watch it. Your go-to is probably news push notifications or Twitter. Twitter is the new CNN low-key. We’re relying less on TV news as the years go on. What will 2021 look like?


You’re old school. You probably have a morning routine established where you wake up every morning and watch the latest news story. Given that this is an election year, maybe you like to keep up with real-time commentary on debates and other political decisions. Or you just…like the news.


Wow, it’s been such a fun time doing this 60 day challenge for amibormal.com. I’ve learned so many things, I won’t deny, it’s definitely also been difficult. Although I will say that I have yet to experience any doubts of whether or not we can make Bormal into a useful tool for people. Huge shout out to anyone who reads my posts, y’all are the real ones. Tomorrow is day 60 and I kind of hate to see it go.

October 12th, 2020 – Question 1105

Would you consider something a salad if it had no leafy greens in it? Okay so at the end of the day what I’m really asking with this question is what in the world is a salad? Honestly, if I just threw a bunch of raw veggies/fruits together and covered it in some sort of fatty sauce would that be a salad? I don’t know! Y’all certainly seem to think so, apparently, salads don’t require leafy greens.


Me neither, but it’s mainly because I’m not even sure what a salad is. Coming from a culturally non-Western background, salads are pretty foreign concepts to me. I remember at some point during my teenage years my mom had this salad phase where she tried to make salads at home, but it really just turned into me eating raw veggies dipped in ranch. I started getting really into salads in college because my dining hall had a salad bar and there were just so many things you could put in it, much more fun than just veggies. I love the way chopped up boiled eggs go on salads, the way the yolk mixes with the ranch to give the rest of the bowl a nice touch of cream? Yum.


Well, you certainly have a lot of examples in your corner. Potato salad, Waldorf salad, fruit salad, the list goes on. Where do we stop though? Where do we draw the line? What’s not a salad? If I put all the kinds of bread together in a bowl and toss them with some condensed milk, am I making bread salad? I’m pretty sure I just gave the idea behind bread pudding, but since we’re talking about salads, I think we can call that a salad too. A lot of salads have croutons, which are just crispy bread, and if we don’t need leafy greens for a salad, why wouldn’t bread pudding just also be a salad? Bread pudding = bread salad? Who knows, y’all Americans are wild out here.


Oh so close to that 2800+ on http://www.amibormal.com by the end of day 57, but just barely off. I had a lot of discussion around challenges in virtual education as that was basically my homework. We were figuring out what we’re going to do with Bormal and so we’re learning about the challenges in many industries as we move forward.