Are you smarter than four monkeys?

In a battle of wits could you beat four monkeys? I don’t know lol. I don’t even remember writing this question, but I just wanted to show you guys because 51% of people who answered this said no! Can you beat four monkeys in a battle of wits?


I’m just surprised that more than half the people on our site think that they can’t beat four monkeys in a battle of wits. First of all, I don’t even know what a battle of wits is and I wrote this question. Do you imagine yourself and four monkeys trying to shout insults at each other back and forth? Or do you imagine trivia? Either way, I’d be surprised because monkeys can’t speak. But they sure can howl.


Yeah, I’d like to think I could beat four monkeys in a battle of wits too. Personally, I imagine some sort of game, maybe like a version of chess or something. I don’t know, maybe something with a simpler premise but a higher skill cap-like “Go.” I think I could beat four monkeys at “Go”, but I’m not actually sure after all four brains have a lot of brainpower. If each of the four monkeys used a different bronoun though, easy clap.

Time or Money? Money or Time?

Money or Time? How do measure the importance of these two things? For some people, one is worth more than the other. Bill Gates has a net worth of over $110 billion, so it is literally not worth his time to pick up a $100 bill on the ground because he makes more than that every second. Wild. 


26% of y’all have money on the brain. Maybe you think money is more important because you take every chance you can to save it. Do you always shop deals to find the cheapest clothes or the cheapest flight? You’re probably willing to sacrifice some of your time in order to save some coins or make more coins. 


You value moments. And you’ll put your time before a price tag. You probably find direct flights for a higher price rather than going cheap and getting trapped in excessive layovers. Your personal experience is more important to you than how much you’re spending or making. Being concerned with money can stress you out, but your time is something you can control.

Lobster or human?

Okay, so what I’m trying to get at with this question is … if you could be immortal but you had to pee out of your face would you do it? Also, people like to eat you now. Tell us how you feel about lobsters vs humans.


I only picked this because I thought to myself, I don’t really wanna be eaten by people. Being able to pee out of your face is pretty cool, that guy just cat called you while walking down the street? Turn around and pee on him. Biological immortality? Yeah I guess that’s pretty cool too, but imagine if you never get killed, you’d be stuck living forever, that would be pretty tough.


I see you’ve been convinced by the ability to shoot pee out of your face and biological immortality to be a SPECIES TRAITOR. I’m actually surprised that this is only 18%, I totally thought this one would be closer to 1/3. I see that I’ve judged people wrong. I know so many people who think it would be cool to be immortal, maybe there’s not as many people that think peeing out of their face is cool (I do).

Which Bronoun would you use?

Wow, I’m surprised that this one tilted so much to bro and bruh, no one uses brah or breh anymore I guess. Which Bronoun are you?


Yeah, this is like really wild, I’ve only ever heard this one in one video on the internet of a white guy with his sunglasses on upside down and his hat on backwards. I’m not surprised that there’s only 1% or something of people who voted this one.


Okay, I’m surprised this one is less popular, I knew so many people who said “breh”. Perhaps this is one of those “with the times” ones. Maybe it was only popular for a short while way back in 2017, which feels like a totally different era now, thank you very much COVID-19.


The very classic Bronoun, “Bro”. This is for the salt of the earth kind of people. Guinness is probably your favorite beer. You’re a classic, like Elvis, or the Beatles. Most of the “Bro”‘s have probably used Bro since it came out in like 2009.


I can’t believe HALF of y’all chose Bruh, I didn’t think it was that popular. It’s probably because of the recent “Bruh girls” memes, and y’all are like “oh my goddd, I’m a bruh girl”. Or maybe it’s all the stoner guys that end and start all their sentences with “bruh”.

Where are you in The Line of Life?

Where you stand in line is a pretty big indicator of your personality type. It’s a common interview question and can tell you a lot about your leadership style. Are you a leader, a follower, or a sweeper?


30% of you like to chill in the back. But do you know how important you are to the line? You bring everything home and you keep the line together. You probably don’t understand the importance of your place in the machine of life. 


You are definitely a go-getter. A natural leader who assumes the position at the front. This place in line is reserved for the door-holders. There aren’t a lot of people who are natural leaders, so it makes sense that this is one of our lower numbers. 


It’s not surprising that 44% of y’all like to vibe in the middle. You’re there for the experience and frankly, you give the Back and the Front something to do. Most people are average, and the Middle is just that. You can change your role in the line at any time, but while you’re figuring it out you can stay in the Middle.

Exams, Projects, or Presentations?

Are you more of an exams, projects, or presentations kid? The three horsemen of grades in school. Tell us which one of your favorite horsemen was on our site.


You’re a Ravenclaw. Exams test your ability to remember things and then apply or regurgitate them. This is a total Ravenclaw move. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about tests so I’m surprised that this one is so popular, 39%. You probably actually read the books assigned in class.


I’m not too surprised that this is the lowest choice, but wow only 15%. This really reflects how Gen Z our user-base is. We’re all such anxiety-ridden people that giving presentations is definitely not our strong suit. I personally need to improve my public speaking skills, I always get nerves, but I’m working on it.


I expected this one to be the majority choice. This was my favorite choice in college because I didn’t pay attention in class for the first two years. If you’re a project person you’re probably also a learn as you go type of person. Am I right? Comment below!

How many pancakes can you eat in one sitting?

I mean on average, not like at the moment. At the current moment, I’ve just eaten and I’m not sure I could eat even 1 pancake in this sitting. Just for reference, I’m thinking like the regular IHOP buttermilk pancakes.


Small stomach eh? Or maybe a big pancake? Are you thinking of those fluffy Japanese pancakes that are just huge? Only 13% of you are this small I’m surprised that so many people can only eat 1 pancake in a sitting though.


I think this is a pretty normal number of pancakes to eat in one sitting. We’re sitting at 25% with this one, which is pretty close to the expected value. I think I used to be able to eat more, but as I’ve gotten older (as in after college) it’s become much harder to shove pancakes in my face. I miss being 17 and being able to shove however many pancakes I want in my face. 2? Nah, 20.


I was tempted to say this, but I’m not fully convinced I could actually do this anymore. Being able to consume 3 pancakes in one sitting has 29% for the largest majority on the pancakes in one sitting committee. Pretty good, I think this makes sense given that most of our users are teenagers, this is when y’all are able to really stuff your face. I’m also pretty sure this perfect because IHOP gives you 3 free pancakes for national pancake day or something.


4 pancakes are for when you’re starting to border on dangerous territory. This isn’t just your regular breakfast anymore. The only breakfast carb I’ve ever been able to consume more of 4 than in one sitting is the vegan banana French Toast that my college had in their dining hall, but these were quite a bit smaller than pancakes. Maybe you’re one of those people that participates. 4 pancakes? EASY.

5 or more

Alright, boys and girls, this is borderline ridiculous. How do you eat 5 pancakes in one sitting? That’s a lot of pancakes! Are you an athlete? Are you eating pancakes after practice? Is that what it is? Y’all are wild. Are you eating those tiny pancakes that are all the rage on YouTube? I’m surprised that this isn’t the lowest percentage, it’s actually right in the middle. Just that more people said they can eat 5 or more pancakes in one sitting than people who said they can eat 1 or 4 is pretty wild. I’m impressed.

October 17th, 2020 – Question 277

Do you talk to plants? I talk to plants. Tell us on our site if you talk to plants!


You probably just don’t have plants. Or maybe you think talking to plants is weird because you’ve never seen the study on it. I can’t believe most of you don’t do this. I’ve talked to my plants since I was a teenager.


Not only do you have plants, you probably raise them well. You probably saw those studies and experiments where people tried talking to their plants and saying negative, neutral, and positive things to the plants. It’s pretty interesting how saying positive and good things to your plants helps them grow better! Maybe saying positive things to yourself and other people will also help them grow better. Just something to think about.

60 Day Challenge – takeaways from failure

We started our 60 day challenge with naïve visions of El Dorado, getting to 2 million users in 60 days would be an impressive feat for any website, much less one that we quickly put together. We quite obviously failed in our challenge, but only be 1.997 million users, or 99%! This is better than that one time I got a 9400% error margin in my Chemistry class! We were guaranteed to miss the mark by less than 100%.

So, what did we learn? The first thing is that it’s way harder to get users than we expected. The second thing is that many many users will ask you for a feature – in our case, the feature of being able to ask their own questions on the website – and STILL people won’t use the feature when you put it out. The third thing is that startup world is very different from build a cool app and tell people about it.

I think part of the issue with the ask your own question feature is that many people think they want to be able to ask questions, but what they really wanted was for me to add their question to the site. So, maybe we become a crowdsourcing site for people to ask about all their multiple choice questions? Who knows.

Given that we know all these things now, where are we going after this 60 day challenge? I still think that Bormal is a great platform and a great technology. Maybe the world isn’t ready for it to blow up yet, maybe we haven’t found the right pockets of people who would enjoy this. We’ll continue working on Bormal as we delve more into the startup world. I enjoy the daily posts, I think they’re fun to do and I hope that those of you that read this like how we just roast people on the daily for fun.

We’ll have to keep our heads held high as we move forward with the confidence that marketing and psychology will do the rest for us. From this point on, the posts tagged ‘commentary’ and the YouTube videos we release will be focused on the startup world and how we will be moving forward in that. Our first step is to identify what problem we’re really solving here.

From our first startup experience we learned one thing – we should launch. From this 60 day challenge our main takeaway is this – be specific which exact problem you’re solving.

October 16th, 2020 – Question 245

Did you read your books for high school literature class or did you look it up online? If you read the books, you’re depressed now, sorry I don’t make the rules, I just tell it like it is.

Looked up summary

Yeah, I was also a lazy kid. It’s not that I didn’t like reading, it’s mainly that half the books assigned were boring. I’m sorry to all my high school English teachers, and middle school ones too, your classes were boring, your books were boring, and I learned nothing in class. Except the Great Gatsby, that was a fun book, and I read like 60% of it. Did I sparknotes the rest of it? No, but I also only got a 70% on the test.


So studious, I’m impressed. By now you’ve probably realized that you ended up just like the rest of us! You got baited! Haha! I’m sure you’ve seen those memes on Instagram that say things like “if you were a Percy Jackson fan you’re gay now, sorry”. Well, like I said above, if you read your books for high school English class, you’re depressed now, sorry, not sorry.