61% of people like to watch movies more than once

Do you prefer to watch movies more than once or to watch new ones? I obviously do both, but recently I’ve found myself watching movies I’ve seen before more than once, for me it’s because the emotional work tied with watching a new movie is just too much.

More than once

I’m in this camp and I was surprised that so many other people are also like this. Thanks for validating me not wanting to spend the emotional effort to invest in more characters. I think the most common time for me to be watching new movies is while I’m flying on an long distance flight. I can’t sleep on planes so I just watch the most recent blockbusters, but it’s also easier to be emotionally detached while I’m 37,000 feet in the air. Don’t know why


You must consider yourself someone who likes to explore. I am surprised at how low this percentage is because I hear so many people talk about how they miss going to the movie theater to watch movies during the COVID lockdown. Like I said above, I don’t really watch new movies, but I also don’t really watch movies that much in general. I haven’t seen many “classic” movies and those would count as “new” movies for me still. Usually the way I deal with the emotional cost of watching a new movie is just looking up the plotline oops.

Did you know 40% of kids hang out in grocery stores?

I used to hang out at the grocery store. When I was in high school we’d just roll up to the local grocery store and browse snacks for like 30 minutes. We’d switch up the grocery store every now and then just for some variety. Did you hang out in grocery stores?


I would guess this says two things about you, one is that you probably didn’t grow up in the suburbs and two is that you probably have better things to do. There just wasn’t that much to do around where I grew up so we’d hang out at the store, buy some snacks, eat some snacks, and then rinse and repeat like every couple days. I’m not even sure why we chose to loiter in the store for so long, but like I said there just wasn’t that much to do.


I would say, with like 100% confidence, that you probably grew up in the suburbs. No one else really has grocery stores to hang out in. Rural areas? Nah, you got farms and gas stations. The city? Why would you go to a grocery store? There’s so many places to hang out. Also this probably means your friends lived far enough apart that you couldn’t just walk on over to go hang out.

Pancakes are the most popular breakfast carb

Yooo what is this? How did this happen? For the next round we’re only leaving those three answers up there. Anyway, I gotta level with y’all French Toast is the way to go, and the 79% of you that disagree just have bad taste, sorry I don’t make the rules. Tell us what your favorite breakfast carb is!

French Toast

Hell yeah, oui oui baguettes. French toast is delicious, and it’s fun. It’s like toast, but with more flavor and not crispy enough to cut up the inside of my mouth. The best kind of bread for French Toast is also my favorite kind of bread – milk bread. Why? Because milk bread is already fluffy, and fluffy French Toast is better than not fluffy French Toast!


You’re like the white bread of breakfast carbs. I swear you better have not said you like to explore. This is like the most basic possible breakfast carb. I will give you this though – pancakes always feel OG to eat. IHOP is like the post-party destination of the year. You know that feeling when you’ve spent all night partying with your friends and suddenly the sun’s coming up and you’re like what??? It’s time for breakfast? And in that moment, it hits you, “we should go to IHOP”.


Alright so waffles are actually pretty cool, I won’t lie, my second favorite breakfast carb and my favorite kind of fry. Why are waffles cool? Because they have squares on a circle! Earlier I said IHOP is the go-to place for afterparties when the sun comes up, well I think Waffle House is the go-to place for the middle of the night afterparty, you know, like 2 or 3 am, you and your friends have the drunchies, where do you go? IHOP? Nah, it’s way too dark for that, gotta go to the local Waffle House and see what’s popping. Is there a fight in the parking lot? Is the cook lighting up outside? Are there kids hotboxing? Always an interesting time.

Do you floss, or nah?

We all do it. Whether you do it still, or not, you’ve definitely done it before. I mean, you’re in the dentist’s chair, the lights are super bright, it smells like disinfectant, you can hear someone getting a root canal in the other room, and there’s a song playing on the radio from someone who used to be on American Idol. When the time comes and they’re checking your teeth, you’re already stressed out enough! Of course, you’re going to lie. Even though it doesn’t do you any good because your gums are already red and bleeding. But how often do you lie? 

I’ve given up

Respect. A truth-teller. Maybe you’ve just lied about it one too many times and now your conscience is getting to you. Or maybe it was so painfully obvious you figured there was no point? Maybe you were pressured into finally flossing because of all the lying? Either way, it was 41% of y’all who have stopped lying about flossing, and I’m here for it. 

Almost every time

This result was also at 41%. Does this mean you lie almost every time because you’re actually flossing sometimes, or because you’re tired of the lie? There are so many layers to flossing. But this means that ~most~ of you aren’t lying every time. I wish I could be like y’all.

Every. Time.

I feel this. And 18% of y’all do too. It’s such an awkward situation because you know you should be doing it, but sometimes you don’t, and you get really anxious about it. If you could travel back in time, would you tell the truth at your appointment? IDK, man.

46% of you could be baited by a bear’s lifestyle

Look, all I’m saying here is that bears have it pretty good. Let me walk you through the yearly routine of a bear. When they wake up in spring they sit around and eat some berries, some small animals, and scratch their backs on trees. Then in the summer they do basically the same, then around fall when the salmon start migrating, the bears get to feast on some fatty fish. Then as winter rolls around they go to sleep until it’s spring. How nice is that? I could definitely be baited by the bear’s lifestyle, could you?


I laid out the bear lifestyle above, so you already know how nice it is. I’m actually surprised only 46% of people who responded said they would be a bear. Seriously, half the year eating, half the year sleeping, what else do you want? What else is there to life?


Alright, obviously you think being a human is cool or something. I bet you’re the type of person that thinks humans are different from animals or have a soul or something. What’s the difference between humans and animals? An overactive pre-frontal cortex? So we can do what? Kill the environment until we can’t live on the earth anymore and have to go to Mars? Big brain time, kill where you’re currently living and then move to another planet entirely. Okay kids. Other animals and plants will be alive long after our species goes extinct, and I bet one of those is gonna be bears. Or if not bears, at least crocodiles, those things have been around forever.

How many people jog regularly?

Wow only 18% of y’all jog regularly. I don’t jog regularly, I skip, or sometimes I’ hop! How do you jog? Okay, I’m actually asking about if you jog on a regular basis, but I enjoy taking artistic license with my interpretations of my own questions.


Welcome to the club, almost none of us jog on a regular basis. I am actually surprised that it’s up to 82% though, I totally thought it would be a lower amount that doesn’t jog. Do y’all exercise at all? I like to go lift weights, and I used to swim. But running? Nah, catch me outside. Or rather, catch me not outside? Idk, either way, cardio makes me hurt.


Wow, I’m proud of you! Jogging’s supposed to be really good for your health. Not my health, but your health. Do you jog because you like to run for exercise or do you jog because you run track or cross country? I only ran regularly for a while when I was a kid and it was because I made the ridiculous decision to run cross country for one season, I’ve never embarrassed myself at a sport more.

Would you break the law to save your friend from danger?

Would you? That would have to be a pretty tight friendship. 93% of y’all are GOOD friends. 7% of y’all kind of suck. (jk)


Are you someone who just straight-up follows the rules all the time? Probably. I bet you don’t even jaywalk. Or maybe you don’t have any friendships deep enough to risk jail-time for. In that case, that sucks and I’m sorry. We’ll be those friends for you. 


Hell yeah! Friends for life! You are a ride-or-die type of friend that will do anything for someone you care about. Maybe you go a little too far, but your friends always thank you for your loyalty. You’re always there for your bros.

63% would GALLOP up their stairs!

Welcome to the trial of the click-bait titles. I actually find this one pretty funny, I’ve definitely considered this as a kid. When I was younger I would look up the stairs as I was walking up them and think to myself, maybe it’ll be easier if I gallop up with the help of my hands. Let us know which side you’re on here.


This is the boring answer. You’re probably not someone who likes to explore. I don’t really know what to tell the 37% of you that said no to this. I guess I thought it was more universal than it is.


Nice, same. I totally expected the yes value to be higher than 63%, I was thinking more like 80% or even 90%. I did this, my friends did this, I’ve ever seen my little brother do this. Maybe it wouldn’t come to mind if you don’t have carpeted stairs at home? I’ve only ever gotten this urge with carpeted stairs.

How would you use the power of time travel?

A random ghost pops out of nowhere and waves its hands at you, sparkles fly from its ghostly fingertips, and swirl around you in a whirlwind. You’re suddenly aware of time in the same way you’re aware of space and can move through it. What are you going to do with this newfound superpower of yours?


I see that 23% of y’all are BORING and COWARDS. This timeline is already screwed! Look around you! Climate change might kill us all soon! Forget this timeline, go live your best life in another one, just change your name and get a fake mustache, you’ll blend right in.

Travel to the future

I am actually quite surprised that less than 1/3 of the people answering this picked this answer. I feel like this is the coolest option, you get to skip forward in time and see what things would be like. Of course, there are some weird time-bending rules and quirks around this. For example, is there a “you” in the future? Or is this future timeline the same one where you just walked out of the timeline now and walked back in later? In which case, did your disappearance cause a great disturbance that turned into a cold case that turned into a local legend that turned into you reappearing in the timeline and everyone being confused? It’s like Back to the Future when Marty McFly shows up at Biff’s future mansion and is like “nahhhh”

Travel to the past

I really don’t understand how 46% of the people who answered this would travel to the past. Most of the kids on this site are under 25 so I don’t even? What are you going to do? Go back to when you were 5? Maybe it’s best to assume that everyone answered this question with the time travel physics of Back to the Future in mind and assume their body just gets teleported back in time. I still wonder what the obsession with the past is, it’s over y’all, there’s nothing to do there unless you’re trying to change the course of history, but y’all know that’s dangerous. Remember in Back to the Future Marty almost made himself nonexistent!

Who’s your favorite Batman villain?

Poor Bane, no one likes him. Of course, the Joker is the most popular Batman villain, he’s the OG. He’s also the best. Who’s your favorite villain?


Dang, only 2% of y’all voted for Bane. Poor guy, just tryna be a good bad guy. I do have to confess that I had never heard of this dude until The Dark Knight Rises movie, and I didn’t even watch that movie. So, I know almost nothing about this character other than he’s got some oxygen mask looking thing on his face like he’s got asthma or something.


What a guy! How can you not love the Joker? He’s got laughing gas so you’ll laugh along, whether you like it or not. The truest villain in the Batman universe, dedicated to being an agent of chaos. Heath Ledger’s portrayal in The Dark Knight was great, that scene where he puts the gun in Harvey Dent/Two Face’s hands was like peak Joker. One other thing I’m a fan of is that line “why so serious?” Because for real, we’re way too serious as a culture, and why the hell are we?


The only things I remember about this guy are from the comics, and I may actually be wrong on this point, but isn’t he missing his ears? I’m not even sure what makes this guy stands out. Does he waddle? How did he get more votes than Bane? 11% of y’all clearly have some impression of the Penguin that I don’t have. I mean I like penguins the animals, but this guy just didn’t leave an impression on me.


Okay, 21%, respectable. Personally, I think the Riddler is a great villain mainly because he’s got a good theme. He’s got some pretty good riddles. This one is my favorite: what is always on its way here, but never arrives? Tomorrow. I totally feel this one, tomorrow is like the best and worst thing ever invented because you can just put things off until tomorrow until you can’t.