4 out of 5 people want to feel a lion’s mane

Do you want to pet a lion and know what it’s fluffy mane feels like? I do! Every time I see a lion I’m like wow look at that mane, it’s so fluffy.


No? No? You don’t want to pet a lion’s fluffy mane? Who are you? What’s wrong with you? You don’t like fluffy things? Huh? You like untextured surfaces? You want a world of smooth marble? What the hell. I don’t care if you would rather be loved or feared, but I’m certainly scared of you. What kind of crazy person doesn’t like fluffy things?


Nice. I’m glad that 80% of y’all said yes. I would confidently say that you’re smarter than four monkeys because four monkeys wouldn’t be able to pet a lion. They would probably get eaten. If you’re like me, you said yes to this because you like fluffy things. Or maybe fluffy cats in particular. I love fluffy cats, and I see lions as just an extension of the fluffy cat category. Just like bigger and having all their fluff around their head/neck.

37% of people identify foods by smell quicker than taste!

Can you identify foods by smell or taste quicker? Smell, or taste? Did you know that smell is 75% of taste?


I think I’m part of this group. I mean think about things like steak. You smell that steak sizzling on the grill/stove from like halfway across the house. It’s mmm. Can you smell the difference between different kinds of food? Like lamb and beef have totally different smells that you can definitely tell before you taste it. However, there’s also some foods like bread which I can’t tell apart much by taste.


Well, some people need to actually taste things before they can identify them. I totally get this for some foods, like I said above with bread, with cheese, with soups, with pastas. I feel like I’m mostly listing carbs and dairy. Can y’all tell the difference between the tastes of breakfast carbs? Maybe I should also have put sight on here, or texture? Do you consider texture to be part of taste? Does your taste deteriorate over time if you’re eating a lot of the same thing at one time? like pancakes?

23% of people have still not figured out what highlighters are used for!

Did you ever figure out what to user highlighters for? Well, I have never really figured out what highlighters are used for. If you’ve figured out what to do with them please drop a comment below and let me and the other 23% of the fools in the world figure out what in the world to do with highlighters.


Yeah, me neither. Still don’t really know what to do with them. When I initially got highlighters at school, I was thinking like what the hell do I do with these things? I started using them to highlight notes and lines in books but then I realized I was basically highlighting everything. Then I also had different colored highlighters and I thought to myself, oh I’ll highlight things in different colors. Anyway, total waste of time for me, I never even looked back at those notes.


Honestly, I’m so surprised that you’ve found a good use for highlighters. The 77% of y’all know what’s up. What do you do with your highlighters? Do you actually highlight only specific parts of books or notes? What about the different colors? Do you assign different parts of your notes by color? I’ve seen some really pretty notes that are highlighted in many different colors from people who just absolutely fail tests so I’m curious to know how people actually used highlighters.

46% of people don’t know what they want!

Do you know what you want? I can’t believe 46% of y’all said that you don’t know what you want. If you don’t know what you want, how are you gonna get it?


Yoooo, I’m so sorry for y’all. 46% of y’all don’t know what you want. How do you go through life then? I feel like when I don’t know what I want I don’t know what to do. I get bored and confused.


Nice, I know what I want. I want millions of people to be on Bormal every month! If you don’t know what you want, help me do this. I want Bormal to be the place people go if they want to know what people really think about anything. It’ll be a collection of direct self reports.

Did you know that 24% of people haven’t had their heart broken?

Have you had a broken heart? So, 24% of you say no, the lucky few.


How the hell? What are you? Heartless? Or maybe 12?


Welcome to the club! I know this is a dumb thing, but like my Bumble profile used to say “break my heart”. That was how I met my first “real” girlfriend, and by “real” I mean a relationship that lasts longer than a couple months. She broke my heart so, I guess I got what I was looking for. Just another warning to be careful what you ask for!

Kids don’t remember the saying you can lead a horse to water, but …

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it … what? Well the classic phrase is you cna lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. None of y’all answered that this time lol.


Cross makes sense as a next word because hey, you just led the horse to water. What are you trying to do with the water? Cross it? Sounds reasonable to me. I’m guessing people who chose this pictured a stream or river.


No one has picked this one so far, but it is the #classic one. If you pick drink, it’s probably because you’ve heard the phrase before and your brain automatically ticked that association for you.


Well, I don’t know what you’ve got to be thinking to choose this one, but no one has chose it yet anyway. Maybe you imagine a huge river like the one that Caligula thought he could cross on his horse and subsequently lost his horse to. (it drowned)


Yeah, this one just rhymes with drink. If you chose this one you’ve probably got an open mind and a sense of humor. Am I open minded with a sense of humor? Yes, yes I am.

9% of people have never been absorbed in a task they enjoy :(

Do you ever find yourself really absorbed in a task and look up at the clock afterwards to find that hours have passed even though it has only felt like minutes? I can’t believe 9% of y’all have never experienced this! This is one of the weirdest things but also super cool. I enjoy it every time it happens, it means that I was enjoying the thing I was doing so much that I lost track of the illusion of time.


I’m so sorry for your loss (?) Maybe a better term would be lack of experience. This is one of the coolest experiences and really drives home how much of an illusion that time is. I am sorry you’ve never enjoyed a task enough to feel this, but it’s super cool.


Honestly, what a great experience. Definitely solidified the idea that time is an illusion. Even Nature magazine has an article about it. Every time this has happened to me it’s been because I’ve been enjoying the task at hand so much that I didn’t even notice the time passing. Sometimes it’s coding, but that’s been rare nowadays. A lot of the time it’s reading. I’ll be reading a book at 9 pm and the next thing I know, it’s 3 am.

Did you know 73% of people enjoy knowing what other people think?

Do you enjoy knowing what other people think? I love knowing what other people think, I’m curious as hell. Why wouldn’t you want to know what other people think? I wonder if this answer spread would change if I asked if you’d like the power to read minds, hmm …


I don’t get it. 27% of y’all don’t enjoy knowing what other people think? Why not? I don’t even really have anything to say for this. I try to put myself in your shoes and think, why wouldn’t I want to know what other people think. I can’t think of a great reason to be honest.


Hell yeah, I vibe. 73% of us are curious people at the very least. It’s cool to know what other people think, especially about ideas. Other people provide some feedback and a sounding board for ideas, opinions, and feelings. Of course, I’m not saying that we should care what other people think, but I’m still curious to know.

51% of people identify as an odd number!

Are you an odd or even number? I was hoping for a 50/50 split, but look, 51:49 for odds to evens isn’t that bad.


49% of y’all identify as an even number. I’m not even sure what I was trying to get at with this question or if I was just filling up questions on the site initially. Is it because of your birthday? Is your birthday on an even day? Do you like even numbers because they’re easy to split in half? Tell us in the comments below


I’m an odd number for sure. I am 13. 51% of us are odd numbers, nice, feels good to be in the majority on a completely useless and meaningless question! Why do I pick 13? Because my birthday is on the 13th.

52% of people regularly have imaginary arguments in the shower

How often do you have imaginary arguments in the shower? Personally, I don’t really have imaginary arguments in the shower, but I sing in there. I’m actually pretty surprised that most of y’all regularly have arguments in the shower.


Damn, 25% of y’all have imaginary arguments in the shower on the daily! That’s pretty wild. I wonder who y’all are arguing with in your head. You must have so much conflict going on in your life. I know that most of our users are around high school age, but I’m not even sure I was arguing that much in high school, and I like arguing. Maybe you’re in debate club?


Okay so 20% of y’all are having imaginary arguments in the shower on at least a weekly basis. That’s not too bad. You must have much less conflict in your life than the 25% of people that have daily arguments in their shower.


I’m surprised that anyone keeps track of anything on a monthly basis to be honest, I can barely keep track of things on a weekly basis. Only 7% of you said that you do it every month, so I assume most of you can’t really keep up with monthly things either.


Wow, this is pretty interesting, almost half of us don’t regularly have imaginary arguments in the shower. I bet this number would be much lower if I had asked “Have you ever had imaginary arguments in the shower”. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had an imaginary argument in the shower. I usually see memes about having them like right after a real argument where you replay it in your head and say the things you should have said. I also bet many of the people who said rarely to this actually do it more than once a month but just don’t keep track