August 21st, 2020 – Question 82

I’m not even sure what I was ultimately looking to gain with knowing the answer to this question, but down below, I’ll go over what I think each answer says about you.


If you chose this one, you’re probably either a) a bacon enthusiast, or b) the fun friend of the group. Most likely, your friends see you as someone who’s fun and exciting, even if you don’t know it yourself.


You are the salt of the earth! You hold everything together, without you, the social groups you are part of would crumble. Like how bread holds a BLT together, you hold people together.


Lettuce pray for you. You are either a rabbit or you clicked the wrong button. Okay, I’m just kidding, most likely you are the chill friend of the group. You dress well, well enough to blend in and stand out. You appear trustworthy, but little do they know, you’re the biggest gossip.


Juicy. Plump. Red. I’m describing your lips. You’re most likely the friend that stands out the most! You like to flirt with danger, and everything else.


I wanted to update y’all with what we’re doing to grow and reach people. We’re mainly growing through two things 1) Instagram and 2) word of mouth! Through Instagram we’re posting not just screenshots of interesting questions/answers from our site, we are also incorporating memes to our Instagram. We’ve used the political compass meme, astrology memes, MBTI, and now also character alignment to see how the reach works with each of these. Currently, astrology memes seem to be a BIG HIT with our userbase! I’ve posted some examples of what we’re posting on Instagram below!

I’ve also done a little jig to celebrate us hitting the 1000 user mark! My director of growth suggested that I do a little dance and put it on Reels for more reach.

Jung has suggested the existence of a collective unconscious – we are trying to put ourselves out there into the collective unconscious until the public knows who we are.


Today we hit the 1000 user mark!! We’re still locked out of our Twitter account with NO RESPONSE from Twitter. @Jack Dorsey please help. Check out our site at! Tomorrow we’ll be increasing our Instagram advertising by reaching out to people mentioned in our comments or replying to us to ask them to check out our account and website. Follow us on Instagram at @amibormal to get a shoutout, comment to get featured!

Thank you guys so much for getting us over 1000 users! Please continue to tell your friends, and giving us feedback!


Let me start out by directing you to our website we’re trying to reach 2 million users on

Don’t know what’s up with Twitter, but we got locked out of our account and I sent an email asking for why and they haven’t responded yet. They say they respond within 24 hours though, so they’ve got 2.5 hours left. I’m updating this in the morning because I posted the other post yesterday and forgot to post this one last night. Anyway, we’re not quite hitting the growth rates I want so I’ve stepped up advertisement on Instagram.

I was expecting to have more than 1k users by last night, but we’re not all perfect.

Why are we here?

Questions we’ve gotten a lot with this new venture are – what are we? What is “Bormal”? Why are we here? Where have we been? Where are we going?

What is Bormal?

Bormal is Normal spelled with a B, it’s brazy yo

Why are we here?

We’re here to be the principal source of what people think about totally arbitrary things, opinions, and behaviors. We’re here to find out whatever people think is “normal” and our hypothesis is that normal isn’t real, it’s just an idea you have based on who you know.

Where have we been?

A Bormal Company was founded by two 23 year old kids that have wondered if they’re normal before. Both of us are computer scientists by training, and have minors in psychology related fields.

Where are we going?

We’re going for 2 million daily users by October 15, 2020. Thus, the 60 day challenge we’re running (starting from 8/15/2020). Today is 8/17/2020, the third day of our challenge. We’ve been unfairly locked out of our twitter account (no explanation provided). That’s alright though, we’re growing more and more popular on Instagram, and getting more attention on other platforms.

Why do we believe?

We believe that and the related apps we are making provide an important and valuable service to anyone who’s ever wondered if they’re normal. Additionally, psychology tells us that if people see something 16 times they will usually go check it out. We’re currently at a rate of 1% reach conversion on Instagram, and we have reason to believe that this rate will go up as we increase the amount of time that we’ve existed in the public conscious. Additionally, small growth each day turns exponential and scales highly after a few points. As God says in the Old Testament – let man make the first move, if you move towards me, I will move towards you.

What can you do?

Join our journey to 2 million! If you like our site, talk to your friends about it, ask them questions from the site, share to your Instagram story!


Let’s get this BREAD, I’m talking thick, soft, bread. Let’s talk about this, how many different places have you lived? Comment down below! I moved around a TON as a kid so I lived in like 5 places before I finished elementary school.

Yo yo, what’s popping y’all. We are not as far along in growth as we’d like, we were hoping to hit 1000 by the end of the weekend, but we not there yet. That’s ALRIGHT we believe in MANIFEST DESTINY. We taking American back to 1776 and we manifesting our destiny of 2 million users by October 15th 2020. Join our journey to find out what people think about what’s normal and what’s not!

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A Bormal Company aims at 2 million daily users on October 15, 2020, 60 days from now. We are aiming at 20% growth day over day – that would take us to over 10 million total users in 60 days! Today we didn’t reach growth rates, but we hope to reach them tomorrow! Help us reach our goal by going to!

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