We have new affiliates on Instagram! Other than that, growth rate is still quite slow. We’re currently not hitting the mark on advertising, but we will do better, I say every day. However, we are taking marginal steps to increase the number of channels that we can get exposure on. Our Kickstarter will be launching soon so be on the lookout for that!

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August 25th, 2020 – Question 315

Alright these answers look kinda suspicious to me, what about you? My hypothesis on why it looks like a reverse staircase: people like a more because it’s the first option. Alright, on to my psychoanalysis of strangers over the internet based on a random question!


You don’t care about vowels, or you just happen to like “A” because you say it a lot. We say the “ABCs”, “a” is commonly used as a variable in math problems, and we use it as an article to designate one unit of certain things, such as “a banana”. And in “a banana” I just used 4 a’s, that sure is a lot of a’s.


You’re probably Canadian, eh? Maybe your name starts with E, or maybe the name of someone you love. You probably also like double E sounds, like in see, key, three, or beekeeper.


There’s no “I” in team, but there’s certainly an “I” in “I”. You’re independent, you know it, and you’re good at it.


Oh? Oh? Oooohhh. You find yourself saying these “ohs” often, maybe daily, or even hourly! Oh, is that right? Oh, is that the door? Oh, did you need me for something? Oh, I didn’t know that there was a drawer full of dry erase markers right next to the whiteboard!


Uhhhh. Ummmmm. Like, I don’t know. Your preferred pause word of choice is uhh, umm, errr, or like. You abbreviate your “you” to “u” when you text people because you think it’s cool. You probably never capitalize or use any punctuation. You can text back super fast, at least 2 seconds faster than your mom because you cut out the use of the letters “yo”.

Day 10 Commentary

It’s 1/6th of the way into our 60 day challenge to get 2 million active users. We’re doing meh. I was hoping to get 2500 users by the end of the day, and that looks like it might be quite a hard task. We’re only at 1215 users as of last night, so we’ll have to more than double our user base today. Our Instagram is picking up traction though, and that’s good, but mostly it’s still only 200 something clicks to the website in the last week. So, has been growing slowly. I’m unsure of how to grow it outside of Instagram, but this is a good challenge for me to tackle.

Something interesting I’ve noticed is that a LOT of our Instagram followers are in the 13-16 age range, which is surprising to me. Maybe this age is the most insecure in themselves, I suppose that makes sense since psychology has show a rising trend in depression and anxiety rates among teenagers in recent years. We hope that our site is able to help tackle this trend by giving these kids a way to feel less alone in who they are.

A surprising number of people who interact with us on Instagram are named Sofia, in the last 24 hours, we’ve interacted with at least 5 Sofias. I’m guessing this is a popular girl’s name for the 2000s. Or maybe our account just attracts a lot of Sofias.

August 24th, 2020 – Question 102

Honestly I just made this one because one of my friends pointed out that I say I don’t know a lot, and it’s true! Most of the time, I don’t know. I feel confused a good amount, but I usually distract myself by focusing on the things that I do know so I feel less confused. So, let’s go through what each one says about you.


This is a pretty low level of confusion, this means most of the time you stick to what you know and probably don’t venture in to the unknown too much, you probably are a fan of order, and dislike chaos.


This is a medium level of confusion, less than half the time, but more than a quarter. i think this is a healthy level of confusion. Part of that confusion time is probably from learning new things, this percentage is for people who like to learn, but know when to take breaks.


Another medium level of confusion, but more than half the time. This means you’d say you’re confused a good amount. This is a rare place to be, are you trying too hard? Or are you not trying hard enough? Hard to say at this percentage, perhaps you procrastinate a lot, perhaps you are in over your head a little in things.


You either a) branched out too much too early, or b) didn’t branch out enough too late. Either everything around you confuses you because you’re afraid of failing and therefore refuse to try new things, or you were overzealous and stretched yourself too thin and now your vast amount of shallow knowledge on a wide array of topics sometimes cross over and you get confused, and confuse those around you.

All the Time

Stop doing so many drugs.


Okay, sure, whatever *eye roll*

August 23rd, 2020 – Question 97

I think the way you answer this question probably says a lot about you and how you feel about kids.

“Fuck them kids”

Michael Jordan

Hop the bar

Okay, you have long legs, you are probably a good runner, maybe you even did the steeplechase in high school or college. When you run through this party, kids are gonna be inspired to jump as high as you.

Limbo the bar

Helllllll yeeeaahhhh! You see a good game of limbo going and you say “I’m about it.” Forget running from the police, it’s limbo time!

Run the kids over

Who cares about kids, they’re just small adults. Someone should teach them to have a limbo party in the middle of a police chase, and that someone is you.

Swat the bar

You don’t take shit, why is this bar in your way? Not anymore it’s not. Get that trash outta here, ain’t nobody got time for limbo when you running from the cops, again.

August 22nd, 2020 – Question 38

What does each answer say about you?

Eat one at a time

You like to chew your food, you’re not a fast eater. You like to take your time with things.

Pour them into your mouth

No patience, smh.

Separate into groups by shape

You like things to be mixed equally, variety is really the spice of life for you!

Separate into groups by color

You like to take things in stride, and you also like to be able to feel your food in your mouth.


Not a good growth day for Am I Bormal as we count only 25 new users yesterday. However, we did get a good brainstorming session in for features and how to add some user requested features like commenting on questions, asking your own question, and sharing. We are a place where you can be known for who you are, and not just what you look like.