August 29th, 2020 – Question 242

I think how quickly you text back actually says a lot about you. I basically text back the moment I see things or else I’m mostly likely the forget.


You’re on your phone all the time, I am too, welcome to 2020

in like an hour

Okay, I see you. You trying to seem busier than you actually are, just cuz you’re not on your phone doesn’t mean you’re doing something important. I bet you’re watching Netflix huh, Mx. I’m So Cool I take an hour to text back


You’re literally the worst

when I remember

PROCRASTINATOR. You’re a procrastinator. Honestly though, if you usually text back when you remember to, do you keep a calendar notification or something? It’s not that hard to text your friends back!

If you’re not failing, you’re not even trying

Thank you to Denzel Washington for this wonderful gem of a quote.

Well we’re failing a lot at A Bormal Company. We haven’t even got CLOSE to our goal of 20% growth per day for like two whole weeks. We are certainly trying though. I have been reaching out to people I know and asking them to check out our site,, and see if it’s helpful to them. A lot of the responses that I’ve gotten have been “this is great for getting to know your friends” but nothing that really has said this is something that will engage many users and many people.

I want to be able to drive social change and increase the feeling of togetherness that we, as human beings, are being deprived of more and more with the increasing virtualization of everything. Regular social media doesn’t help as people continue to curate it with images to showcase their “best life” on their public profiles. I think that one thing that’s being used to combat this in social media a lot is memes, there have been more and more meme pages popping up on Instagram. Memes allow a certain feeling of connectedness to a larger crowd, and we are offering a similar feeling of togetherness, no matter how weird the things you do are. Memes can only offer this feeling of connection on specific things, and each of our questions offers that, it’s as if each of the questions is a new meme.

August 28th, 2020 – Question 236

I don’t actually have a personality commentary section for this. This is simply interesting to me to see that most people talk to themselves! 89% of people who answered this question said yes to talking to themselves and only 11% said no. My question is to that 11%, why not?

I talk to myself a lot, so I’m quite glad that I added this question in there, I feel better that most other people talk to themselves too. I used to be a bit worried that I might be going insane since I started talking to myself more during the pandemic. Actually, I wasn’t just talking to myself, at this point I was also talking to my plants because I read that saying positive things to your plants can help them grow. So, I did. I don’t really consider myself someone who has a green thumb, but hey they living!

Maybe this whole positive talk thing does help, maybe it helps things grow.


Instagram removed a post of ours that asked about sunny vs cloudy days saying that it violated community guidelines, okay what the hell. Why does someone’s opinion of cloudy vs sunny days violate community guidelines? What in the hell does that mean? Instagram, I know you’re just tryna keep us down cuz you’re afraid of the competition.


It’s day 13 of our 60 day challenge. It’s a crazy time. We haven’t been able to reach any of our goals in the last few days. I’m looking for different ways to expand our site, We’re primarily entertainment that is skewed towards some social good, combating the rise of loneliness especially in teenagers and everyone around the world due to COVID. In order to keep our faith strong for the next 47 days of our journey to 2 million users, I’m going to be writing about some quotes that inspire me and why I believe that this is possible. Since faith is generally a term used in religious groups, let’s take that idea and start with it. I’m going to start with a quote from my favorite televangelist, Joel Osteen

“The adversity is temporary, but the glory is eternal”

Joel Osteen

I also chose this specifically, because we really encountering a LOT of adversity recently. First we got banned from Twitter with no explanation (I have emailed them). Then we got capped on our Instagram DMs, which is just trash that they do that, Facebook smh. THEN I DIDN’T HAVE INTERNET FOR LIKE 6 HOURS TODAY. It’s like the world is trying to shut us down. But like they do in video games, if there are challenges coming your way, you’re going to the right direction.

For the next 46 days I will keep the faith in my heart and my head. If you’re reading this, I hope you do too

August 27th, 2020 – Question 606

This is the second question I’m actually going over today. I want to draw some attention to the little reaction buttons at the bottom, we’ve added reactions to our questions! Make sure you check out our site at Now on to my commentary

I’m not actually going to split these out into all four categories this time, let’s just put them into two:


You’re probably under the age of 35. You have Netflix/Hulu/Disney+/Amazon Video, or some other streaming source, or maybe multiple. Also it’s COVID season so like who’s even going to the theatre nowadays? I rarely did before, maybe like less than 10 times in my life total. I went to the theatre as a teenager for “dates” where we just made out and didn’t pay any attention to the movie. It’s like Netflix + Chill now.

Not Rarely

You must have a lot of time on your hands or something. You be wilding out. Going to the movies often, damn, how you even do that? I bet you’ve got a lot of time on your hands. You’re definitely a movie buff, you probably do amazing at movie trivia. Your friends that don’t watch movies appreciate you filling them in on pop culture and sparing them the emotional cost of new movies.

August 27th, 2020 – Question 735

BRUH Y’ALL SLEEPING ON MILK BREAD, Y’ALL DON’T KNOW WHAT’S UP AT ALL, WHO IS ANSWERING THESE QUESTIONS. /rant Okay now on to the personality portion of our daily question update


Yeah okay, you’re probably into health. Did you know that grain bread has basically the same nutritional content as white bread? DID YOU?


If you think milk bread is the greatest bread of all time, you’re right. There’s no personality commentary on this, you’re just great!


I am honestly surprised that people like Sourdough bread, like what? I know it’s pretty popular, but bleh, it’s terrible by itself. I’ve heard it’s good for sandwiches, but sour bread is not a thing for me and it can walk right out the door and I won’t care. If you like this bread, you’re probably a sandwich enthusiast. Also your taste buds need checking.


Yeah, this is basically the same as grain in my opinion. I only put it in here because I see differences in advertising these, but I’m really not sure what the difference is. If you do, leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. Also if you like wheat bread, you’re a nerd.


You’re white. That’s all.


We finally hit 1300 users! However, growth is slow af, and we got capped on Instagram and can’t DM people who like our posts anymore. To be honest, I’m pretty unsure how to proceed with being capped on the number of DMs we can send on Instagram. How am I supposed to reach out to people and thank them for liking our posts and asking them to follow us now? I have no idea, but we gonna try tagging the people that like our posts in our next posts lol

Remember to check out our site and our instagram @amibormal

August 26th, 2020 – Question 717

There’s actually quite a lot to unpack here, I feel like your taste in how you like broccoli prepared says a lot about you as a person. It’s all the little things that make up who we are, and this is another one of those little things.

Cooked crunchy

You probably like your steak medium, tending towards medium rare. You probably also like crunchy foods in general, but like chips crunchy, not nuts crunchy. I bet your friends describe you as someone with sass.

Cooked falling apart

There’s not a lot of good explanations for this one, are you putting your broccoli in a stew? That’s the only time broccoli gets extra tender and I’m like “yeah, this is good”. Maybe your teeth are bad, or maybe you like the feeling of mushy things. You probably like slime.

Cooked tender

Yeeaaahhhh, this is where it’s at! Perfectly tender, cooked just well enough to not audibly crunch when you bite into it, but still chewable. This is like well-balanced, for those of us that like steak medium, maybe even medium well if we’re cooking it ourselves and don’t have a meat thermometer. Maybe you make your broccoli in the oven? If you can stirfry your broccoli to this level of cooked, you’re a stirfry champion.


Go dip your broccoli in some ranch and eat it like a child. I actually enjoy raw broccoli, but only because it’s a vessel to eat ranch, not for the broccoli itself. It’s like the same thing with celery sticks and ranch/peanut butter. I know you’re not eating it for the vegetable, for the nutritious value, no, you’re eating it for the ranch, or because your mom said so.