23% of people have still not figured out what highlighters are used for!

Did you ever figure out what to user highlighters for? Well, I have never really figured out what highlighters are used for. If you’ve figured out what to do with them please drop a comment below and let me and the other 23% of the fools in the world figure out what in the world to do with highlighters.


Yeah, me neither. Still don’t really know what to do with them. When I initially got highlighters at school, I was thinking like what the hell do I do with these things? I started using them to highlight notes and lines in books but then I realized I was basically highlighting everything. Then I also had different colored highlighters and I thought to myself, oh I’ll highlight things in different colors. Anyway, total waste of time for me, I never even looked back at those notes.


Honestly, I’m so surprised that you’ve found a good use for highlighters. The 77% of y’all know what’s up. What do you do with your highlighters? Do you actually highlight only specific parts of books or notes? What about the different colors? Do you assign different parts of your notes by color? I’ve seen some really pretty notes that are highlighted in many different colors from people who just absolutely fail tests so I’m curious to know how people actually used highlighters.

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