52% of people regularly have imaginary arguments in the shower

How often do you have imaginary arguments in the shower? Personally, I don’t really have imaginary arguments in the shower, but I sing in there. I’m actually pretty surprised that most of y’all regularly have arguments in the shower.


Damn, 25% of y’all have imaginary arguments in the shower on the daily! That’s pretty wild. I wonder who y’all are arguing with in your head. You must have so much conflict going on in your life. I know that most of our users are around high school age, but I’m not even sure I was arguing that much in high school, and I like arguing. Maybe you’re in debate club?


Okay so 20% of y’all are having imaginary arguments in the shower on at least a weekly basis. That’s not too bad. You must have much less conflict in your life than the 25% of people that have daily arguments in their shower.


I’m surprised that anyone keeps track of anything on a monthly basis to be honest, I can barely keep track of things on a weekly basis. Only 7% of you said that you do it every month, so I assume most of you can’t really keep up with monthly things either.


Wow, this is pretty interesting, almost half of us don’t regularly have imaginary arguments in the shower. I bet this number would be much lower if I had asked “Have you ever had imaginary arguments in the shower”. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had an imaginary argument in the shower. I usually see memes about having them like right after a real argument where you replay it in your head and say the things you should have said. I also bet many of the people who said rarely to this actually do it more than once a month but just don’t keep track

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