61% of people like to watch movies more than once

Do you prefer to watch movies more than once or to watch new ones? I obviously do both, but recently I’ve found myself watching movies I’ve seen before more than once, for me it’s because the emotional work tied with watching a new movie is just too much.

More than once

I’m in this camp and I was surprised that so many other people are also like this. Thanks for validating me not wanting to spend the emotional effort to invest in more characters. I think the most common time for me to be watching new movies is while I’m flying on an long distance flight. I can’t sleep on planes so I just watch the most recent blockbusters, but it’s also easier to be emotionally detached while I’m 37,000 feet in the air. Don’t know why


You must consider yourself someone who likes to explore. I am surprised at how low this percentage is because I hear so many people talk about how they miss going to the movie theater to watch movies during the COVID lockdown. Like I said above, I don’t really watch new movies, but I also don’t really watch movies that much in general. I haven’t seen many “classic” movies and those would count as “new” movies for me still. Usually the way I deal with the emotional cost of watching a new movie is just looking up the plotline oops.

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