Did you know 40% of kids hang out in grocery stores?

I used to hang out at the grocery store. When I was in high school we’d just roll up to the local grocery store and browse snacks for like 30 minutes. We’d switch up the grocery store every now and then just for some variety. Did you hang out in grocery stores?


I would guess this says two things about you, one is that you probably didn’t grow up in the suburbs and two is that you probably have better things to do. There just wasn’t that much to do around where I grew up so we’d hang out at the store, buy some snacks, eat some snacks, and then rinse and repeat like every couple days. I’m not even sure why we chose to loiter in the store for so long, but like I said there just wasn’t that much to do.


I would say, with like 100% confidence, that you probably grew up in the suburbs. No one else really has grocery stores to hang out in. Rural areas? Nah, you got farms and gas stations. The city? Why would you go to a grocery store? There’s so many places to hang out. Also this probably means your friends lived far enough apart that you couldn’t just walk on over to go hang out.

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