Pancakes are the most popular breakfast carb

Yooo what is this? How did this happen? For the next round we’re only leaving those three answers up there. Anyway, I gotta level with y’all French Toast is the way to go, and the 79% of you that disagree just have bad taste, sorry I don’t make the rules. Tell us what your favorite breakfast carb is!

French Toast

Hell yeah, oui oui baguettes. French toast is delicious, and it’s fun. It’s like toast, but with more flavor and not crispy enough to cut up the inside of my mouth. The best kind of bread for French Toast is also my favorite kind of bread – milk bread. Why? Because milk bread is already fluffy, and fluffy French Toast is better than not fluffy French Toast!


You’re like the white bread of breakfast carbs. I swear you better have not said you like to explore. This is like the most basic possible breakfast carb. I will give you this though – pancakes always feel OG to eat. IHOP is like the post-party destination of the year. You know that feeling when you’ve spent all night partying with your friends and suddenly the sun’s coming up and you’re like what??? It’s time for breakfast? And in that moment, it hits you, “we should go to IHOP”.


Alright so waffles are actually pretty cool, I won’t lie, my second favorite breakfast carb and my favorite kind of fry. Why are waffles cool? Because they have squares on a circle! Earlier I said IHOP is the go-to place for afterparties when the sun comes up, well I think Waffle House is the go-to place for the middle of the night afterparty, you know, like 2 or 3 am, you and your friends have the drunchies, where do you go? IHOP? Nah, it’s way too dark for that, gotta go to the local Waffle House and see what’s popping. Is there a fight in the parking lot? Is the cook lighting up outside? Are there kids hotboxing? Always an interesting time.

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