How would you use the power of time travel?

A random ghost pops out of nowhere and waves its hands at you, sparkles fly from its ghostly fingertips, and swirl around you in a whirlwind. You’re suddenly aware of time in the same way you’re aware of space and can move through it. What are you going to do with this newfound superpower of yours?


I see that 23% of y’all are BORING and COWARDS. This timeline is already screwed! Look around you! Climate change might kill us all soon! Forget this timeline, go live your best life in another one, just change your name and get a fake mustache, you’ll blend right in.

Travel to the future

I am actually quite surprised that less than 1/3 of the people answering this picked this answer. I feel like this is the coolest option, you get to skip forward in time and see what things would be like. Of course, there are some weird time-bending rules and quirks around this. For example, is there a “you” in the future? Or is this future timeline the same one where you just walked out of the timeline now and walked back in later? In which case, did your disappearance cause a great disturbance that turned into a cold case that turned into a local legend that turned into you reappearing in the timeline and everyone being confused? It’s like Back to the Future when Marty McFly shows up at Biff’s future mansion and is like “nahhhh”

Travel to the past

I really don’t understand how 46% of the people who answered this would travel to the past. Most of the kids on this site are under 25 so I don’t even? What are you going to do? Go back to when you were 5? Maybe it’s best to assume that everyone answered this question with the time travel physics of Back to the Future in mind and assume their body just gets teleported back in time. I still wonder what the obsession with the past is, it’s over y’all, there’s nothing to do there unless you’re trying to change the course of history, but y’all know that’s dangerous. Remember in Back to the Future Marty almost made himself nonexistent!

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