Who’s your favorite Batman villain?

Poor Bane, no one likes him. Of course, the Joker is the most popular Batman villain, he’s the OG. He’s also the best. Who’s your favorite villain?


Dang, only 2% of y’all voted for Bane. Poor guy, just tryna be a good bad guy. I do have to confess that I had never heard of this dude until The Dark Knight Rises movie, and I didn’t even watch that movie. So, I know almost nothing about this character other than he’s got some oxygen mask looking thing on his face like he’s got asthma or something.


What a guy! How can you not love the Joker? He’s got laughing gas so you’ll laugh along, whether you like it or not. The truest villain in the Batman universe, dedicated to being an agent of chaos. Heath Ledger’s portrayal in The Dark Knight was great, that scene where he puts the gun in Harvey Dent/Two Face’s hands was like peak Joker. One other thing I’m a fan of is that line “why so serious?” Because for real, we’re way too serious as a culture, and why the hell are we?


The only things I remember about this guy are from the comics, and I may actually be wrong on this point, but isn’t he missing his ears? I’m not even sure what makes this guy stands out. Does he waddle? How did he get more votes than Bane? 11% of y’all clearly have some impression of the Penguin that I don’t have. I mean I like penguins the animals, but this guy just didn’t leave an impression on me.


Okay, 21%, respectable. Personally, I think the Riddler is a great villain mainly because he’s got a good theme. He’s got some pretty good riddles. This one is my favorite: what is always on its way here, but never arrives? Tomorrow. I totally feel this one, tomorrow is like the best and worst thing ever invented because you can just put things off until tomorrow until you can’t.

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