Time or Money? Money or Time?

Money or Time? How do measure the importance of these two things? For some people, one is worth more than the other. Bill Gates has a net worth of over $110 billion, so it is literally not worth his time to pick up a $100 bill on the ground because he makes more than that every second. Wild. 


26% of y’all have money on the brain. Maybe you think money is more important because you take every chance you can to save it. Do you always shop deals to find the cheapest clothes or the cheapest flight? You’re probably willing to sacrifice some of your time in order to save some coins or make more coins. 


You value moments. And you’ll put your time before a price tag. You probably find direct flights for a higher price rather than going cheap and getting trapped in excessive layovers. Your personal experience is more important to you than how much you’re spending or making. Being concerned with money can stress you out, but your time is something you can control.

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