Lobster or human?

Okay, so what I’m trying to get at with this question is … if you could be immortal but you had to pee out of your face would you do it? Also, people like to eat you now. Tell us how you feel about lobsters vs humans.


I only picked this because I thought to myself, I don’t really wanna be eaten by people. Being able to pee out of your face is pretty cool, that guy just cat called you while walking down the street? Turn around and pee on him. Biological immortality? Yeah I guess that’s pretty cool too, but imagine if you never get killed, you’d be stuck living forever, that would be pretty tough.


I see you’ve been convinced by the ability to shoot pee out of your face and biological immortality to be a SPECIES TRAITOR. I’m actually surprised that this is only 18%, I totally thought this one would be closer to 1/3. I see that I’ve judged people wrong. I know so many people who think it would be cool to be immortal, maybe there’s not as many people that think peeing out of their face is cool (I do).

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