Which Bronoun would you use?

Wow, I’m surprised that this one tilted so much to bro and bruh, no one uses brah or breh anymore I guess. Which Bronoun are you?


Yeah, this is like really wild, I’ve only ever heard this one in one video on the internet of a white guy with his sunglasses on upside down and his hat on backwards. I’m not surprised that there’s only 1% or something of people who voted this one.


Okay, I’m surprised this one is less popular, I knew so many people who said “breh”. Perhaps this is one of those “with the times” ones. Maybe it was only popular for a short while way back in 2017, which feels like a totally different era now, thank you very much COVID-19.


The very classic Bronoun, “Bro”. This is for the salt of the earth kind of people. Guinness is probably your favorite beer. You’re a classic, like Elvis, or the Beatles. Most of the “Bro”‘s have probably used Bro since it came out in like 2009.


I can’t believe HALF of y’all chose Bruh, I didn’t think it was that popular. It’s probably because of the recent “Bruh girls” memes, and y’all are like “oh my goddd, I’m a bruh girl”. Or maybe it’s all the stoner guys that end and start all their sentences with “bruh”.

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