Exams, Projects, or Presentations?

Are you more of an exams, projects, or presentations kid? The three horsemen of grades in school. Tell us which one of your favorite horsemen was on our site.


You’re a Ravenclaw. Exams test your ability to remember things and then apply or regurgitate them. This is a total Ravenclaw move. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about tests so I’m surprised that this one is so popular, 39%. You probably actually read the books assigned in class.


I’m not too surprised that this is the lowest choice, but wow only 15%. This really reflects how Gen Z our user-base is. We’re all such anxiety-ridden people that giving presentations is definitely not our strong suit. I personally need to improve my public speaking skills, I always get nerves, but I’m working on it.


I expected this one to be the majority choice. This was my favorite choice in college because I didn’t pay attention in class for the first two years. If you’re a project person you’re probably also a learn as you go type of person. Am I right? Comment below!

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