October 16th, 2020 – Question 245

Did you read your books for high school literature class or did you look it up online? If you read the books, you’re depressed now, sorry I don’t make the rules, I just tell it like it is.

Looked up summary

Yeah, I was also a lazy kid. It’s not that I didn’t like reading, it’s mainly that half the books assigned were boring. I’m sorry to all my high school English teachers, and middle school ones too, your classes were boring, your books were boring, and I learned nothing in class. Except the Great Gatsby, that was a fun book, and I read like 60% of it. Did I sparknotes the rest of it? No, but I also only got a 70% on the test.


So studious, I’m impressed. By now you’ve probably realized that you ended up just like the rest of us! You got baited! Haha! I’m sure you’ve seen those memes on Instagram that say things like “if you were a Percy Jackson fan you’re gay now, sorry”. Well, like I said above, if you read your books for high school English class, you’re depressed now, sorry, not sorry.

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