October 16, 2020 – Question 629

I think we can all get in our heads a little too much. And I think we can all relate to the feeling of dwelling on the past. Are we all riddled with anxiety in the same ways? There are definitely times when I randomly think about a situation from the past and cringe or immediately start sweating. It’s a little surprising to see how many of us think about what someone said five years ago, 86% is huge. But then again we are an anxious generation


If you answered no to this, I’m proud of you. You move on quickly and you don’t look back. You probably think back to times people gave you advice or warned you about an action, but you don’t sit around and think about awkward situations. Kudos. 


I’ve already mentioned anxiety, does that sound about right? Or maybe things that people say to you just really stick if they’re important enough. I’m not saying you’re looking for constant ways to please others or that you analyze every personal interaction, but maybe you’re just always looking for ways to improve and be loved.

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