October 14th, 2020 – Question 788

All the world’s a stage and I am the ___? I actually love this question for revealing something about who you are. All the archetypes I’ve listed are totally different types of characters. I cannot believe most of y’all feel like an ignored side character, I’m sorry.

Biggest Clown

Honestly, I just picked this one because I think I’m funny. I would assume that if you picked this one you think you’re funny too. Since you picked this one above the others, it must also mean that humor is an important part of your life and you prefer things to be funny than for things to be serious. Personally, I can’t take anything seriously because I find life to be a rather unserious affair.


I feel like this ideal is much more common among men than women. I’m not too surprised only 9% of the people who answered chose it. According to Instagram almost 80% of our users are female. The primary psychological driver here is the desire to be recognized as a savior figure. In stories, the hero is usually the main focus, starting from a difficult situation, overcoming almost impossible odds, and ending with applause.

Ignored Side Character

Wow, 36% of y’all feel like an ignored side character. That’s so weird to me. What are you doing all the time that you feel like you’re an ignored side character in your own life?? Maybe you’re one of those people that are an enneagram type 2, the helper type, where you just really like helping people. Maybe I should have put an option for unignored side character, but I bet the ignored part spoke to you. Anyway, I’m just very surprised that this archetype was the highest picked choice.

Main Player

I feel like this is the default option. It’s your life, of course you’re the main player. 28% of y’all agree with this, so I suppose it’s not the default option that I thought it was. If you chose this archetype you see your life revolve around you and your choices. You feel in control of what’s happening to you and around you. You dislike having unpredictable situations. Your groups of friends are likely to be primarily based around you.


I don’t really know why you would pick this one. I’m surprised more people feel like the villain than the hero. The villain archetype is an interesting one to consider. It’s similar to the hero archetype, the villain and the hero are antithesis of each other but both are the focus in classic stories. In the villain’s case you don’t have the obstacles that the hero has to overcome, but different ones. Other people aren’t understanding of your objectives, you don’t get the help and support that the hero gets, but on the other hand, you get to flaunt the rules and do whatever you want. Interesting choice.

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