October 13, 2020 – Question 1069

Wow. This is interesting. It seems like so many people these days are constantly engaging in current events. However, the questions asks, “do you watch the news?”. Given most Gen Z, and even yougner millennials don’t have cable or reguarly watch live TV, this does kind of make sense. It’s all about how you ask the question. I’m sure the 55% of people who answered “no” get news, but they just don’t sit down and watch it every morning. 


If you answered “no” to this, I don’t blame you. The news has been a little depressing these last six months. It’s also hard to watch the news these days if you don’t have access to local or national TV outlets. You probably consume news, you just don’t watch it. Your go-to is probably news push notifications or Twitter. Twitter is the new CNN low-key. We’re relying less on TV news as the years go on. What will 2021 look like?


You’re old school. You probably have a morning routine established where you wake up every morning and watch the latest news story. Given that this is an election year, maybe you like to keep up with real-time commentary on debates and other political decisions. Or you just…like the news.

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