October 12th, 2020 – Question 1105

Would you consider something a salad if it had no leafy greens in it? Okay so at the end of the day what I’m really asking with this question is what in the world is a salad? Honestly, if I just threw a bunch of raw veggies/fruits together and covered it in some sort of fatty sauce would that be a salad? I don’t know! Y’all certainly seem to think so, apparently, salads don’t require leafy greens.


Me neither, but it’s mainly because I’m not even sure what a salad is. Coming from a culturally non-Western background, salads are pretty foreign concepts to me. I remember at some point during my teenage years my mom had this salad phase where she tried to make salads at home, but it really just turned into me eating raw veggies dipped in ranch. I started getting really into salads in college because my dining hall had a salad bar and there were just so many things you could put in it, much more fun than just veggies. I love the way chopped up boiled eggs go on salads, the way the yolk mixes with the ranch to give the rest of the bowl a nice touch of cream? Yum.


Well, you certainly have a lot of examples in your corner. Potato salad, Waldorf salad, fruit salad, the list goes on. Where do we stop though? Where do we draw the line? What’s not a salad? If I put all the kinds of bread together in a bowl and toss them with some condensed milk, am I making bread salad? I’m pretty sure I just gave the idea behind bread pudding, but since we’re talking about salads, I think we can call that a salad too. A lot of salads have croutons, which are just crispy bread, and if we don’t need leafy greens for a salad, why wouldn’t bread pudding just also be a salad? Bread pudding = bread salad? Who knows, y’all Americans are wild out here.

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