October 8th, 2020 – Question 911

How do you talk on the phone? Perhaps this one could be worded better, but the answer choices get the question across.


I actually thought this answer would be much more common with how many kids have AirPods now. I thought most people would have said they use their earbuds to talk on the phone, but only 22%. 22 is close to 25, so it’s not much less than 1/4th which is the expected average for these four choices, so maybe we just need to see a larger audience answer these questions. This is a great hands-free phone solution, I feel like this is the Gen Z answer.


This is what I use, I find it to be really nice to have the mic that is right in front of your mouth. I just find the earbuds with the built-in mics to be non intuitive. Having the mic right in front of your mouth makes it easy to know how to adjust your volume, just move the mic up/down or away/toward your face. I’m surprised it’s only 10% though! 100% of all gamers use headsets. Maybe there’s not a lot of gamers on Bormal yet.

Phone to ear

Wow, the classic, the tried and true, the available since 1876, the invention of the telephone, method. I’m surprised this is the most common one at 37%. Maybe it’s because of the fact that this is the tried and true method that people have been using for over 100 years of talking on the phone. The drawback of this is that your arm gets tired of holding your phone up to your ear eventually, maybe this one is for y’all with the arm strength.


This is a pretty close favorite to the classic phone to ear method. Also a very classic method, the speakerphone was invented in the 1940s. If you’re a fan of this method, it’s probably because you like to put your phone down and walk around or do stuff while you’re on the phone. I used to use speakerphone when I would be on the phone and trying to fold my laundry or something at the same time.

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